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Quest Summary
Starting Starts automatically upon finishing Priority to the Documents
Level required 150
Other prerequisites Priority to the Documents
Recommended level 156
Total rewards None
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Priority to the Documents
Repeatable No

Are Orders Orders? is a quest.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Starts automatically upon finishing Priority to the Documents.

Step 1: The Choice[edit | edit source]

You found the spy on time. But are you going to follow the orders, take the documents and leave him here?
  • Talk to the spy

Ah, a Brakmarian ally. These bloody archers really got me... quick, we have to get back to Brakmar before they catch up with us.

My orders are to get the documents back.

Huh? You're going to leave me here? In my state, I'll get caught! You wouldn't do that to a Brakmarian ally, surely?

The documents, or I'll kill you myself.

Aaargh.. damn you Oto, leaving me to die like this!

Alright, I'll help you.

Here, take the bloody documents and get out of here, I'll try to hide...

Take the documents.

You'll do it? Thank you! Aaaah, but I can hear Bontarians arriving. I'll do what I can to help you with the fight.

Prepare to welcome the Bontarians.
If you choose not to help, you're immediately sent back to Oto Mustam.
If you choose to help him, you have to fight 5 Bontarian Pursuers (Level 156 Enutrofs).

Step 2a: Not Helping or Winning the Fight[edit | edit source]


Well, I hope you got there on time.

Ah, excellent, you followed my orders well. So much for the spy, he should have been better at hiding!
Here's your reward.

Step 2b: Losing the Fight[edit | edit source]


Well, I hope you got there on time.

Mumble some excuses.

Listen up and listen well: you're as incapable and useless as a Plain Pikoko in the middle of the Asse Sea. As punishment for your incompetence, I want you to bring me an Army of Cheeken Ticks. That will remind you how insignificant you are and just how much I hate flops. No, not flip-flops, I mean the opposite of success, you Piwi head!


So, you Trool Dung Beetle turd, are you happy with your new mission?

Hand over the Army of Cheeken Ticks.

Good, now you understand that it's best not to disappoint me. In future, you'd do well to complete the missions I give you.

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