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Arena of brakmar
Arena of bonta

An Arena is a building where players can fight the souls of captured monsters, by using Full Soul Stones.

Each Arena has nine maps with varying starting spots, as shown below. A player may release a soul on any of them. For the first ten minutes only the person who used the soul may attack it, though if that amount of time elapses and the soul has not been attacked then anyone can then fight it.

As well as the maps themselves, each Arena also has a market from which Soul Stones can be bought and/or sold.

There are currently two Arenas, located in Bonta at [-32,-57] and Brakmar at [-27,38].

Each Arena also has a Gobbowl stadium.


The following images show the starting positions of each Arena, it should be noted that both Arenas currently have identical starting positions though this has not always been the case.

Brakmar Arena

Brakmar Arena

Bonta Arena

Bonta Arena

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