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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Ares Truer
Location Jewellers' Quarter (Bonta)
Coords [-35,-61]
Details Inside Bonta Palace
Options Talk

Ares Truer is an NPC.

Formerly known as Rei Rosert.

Can be found either at Bonta's Palace [-35, -61] or at the Tofu Fighting Ring [-27, -50] (down the cellar inside the building) depending on what time you search for him.



Did you know that Bonta has an outer wall built of no less than 128,369 Crackler stones?
Did you know that it took 250 labourers to build that wall and that about one in every 32 of them died in great pain during its construction?
No, you didn't! I knew you didn't know it!
But can you believe that they're using part of the city's budget, 2147483647 kamas to be exact, to pay their widows' pensions?
Of course you can't believe it. But I said it, so it must be so. Now, go away, I'm busy.

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