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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Aria Knofob
Location Ingalsses' Fields
Coords [11,8]
Details Inside the house
Options Talk

Aria Knofob is an NPC.



Hello, I'm Aria Knofob. I recently settled in the Province of Amakna and I really thought I was lucky to get this house for a few Kamas. It's a magnificent setting but the surrounding woods are stuffed with Arachnees. They are attracted to light, too, so the house is overrun with them. They live in the attic!

Offer assistance
Oh thanks! If you manage to get rid of those damned creatures, I'll reward you generously. Hey, wipe that look off your face, I'll make it worth your while.
Ask for the reward
(If incomplete quest:) Sorry, but there are still some of the dirty beasts in my attic... I can hear them scurrying along on the floor. Come back when you've got what I asked you for.


(It should be noted that this assignment does not appear in your Quest Book.)

You must kill the spiders in the attic. These spiders have a long spawning time (8-12 hours), so you won't find them most of the time. Be patient or regularly come back and you may have the opportunity to complete your assignment.

It will seem that there are only 3 spiders, but they are Arachnids that can summon Arachnids (that can summon Arachnids, that can summon Arachnids). Focus only on the original Arachnids. Once they are dead, all their subsequent summons will die. It is recommended that you have strong area-effect attacks or non-Line of Sight spells. If you fail, you will have to wait for them to spawn again. Note that there is room for multiple players in this fight.

When you kill the arachnees, talk to Aria Knofob and choose:

Ask for the reward
Oh, thanks a lot! Here you are, a magic scroll I found in the attic when I moved in, I am sure you'll find a use for it.
Use the parchment
  • You need to drop an Arachnid Leg to get the spell, only 2 can be dropped in the fight (because there are only 2 Arachnids in the mob), it can be dropped even by those characters who have the spell.
Summoning of Arachnee


Aria Knofob is a phonetic spelling of arachnophobe.