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Quest Summary
StartingEnter the Temple of the Twelve at [6,-19]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level15
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 6,226), 151 Kamas, 4 Purple Piwi Feather
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelTreading on Eggshells, Down the Drain
Leads to DofusDofawa quest 1 of 2

Arky's Principles Help Me is a quest.


Enter the Temple of the Twelve at [6,-19] in Astrub City.

Step 1: Arky's Principles Help MeEdit

Adviser Arky should give you some details about Astrub. If you make a good impression, she may give you a missiong you're worthy of... Who knows?

Did you wipe your feet properly before coming in? And that crusty, muddy outfit... Do you really think it's appropriate? Stay in the entryway and make sure you don't touch anything with those dirty fingers.

Say that you want to discover the city

Are you new around here? The city of Astrub may be a tad intimidating at first, with everyone running around all over the place and the crowds that gather near the trading areas, but you'll eventually get used to it. The city isn't really that big, so it's difficult to get lost for long, especially if you've got a good sense of direction.

Reply that you won't hesitate to take a look at your map to find you way.

Well, you should do just fine. Astrub has its own Zaap, a bank, several Marketplaces, and numerous workshops... There's even a library! The city has been prospering for centuries independently, after having led many a war in the past.

Keep listening.

Over time, many mercenaries became merchants and artisans. They now depend on the city council to defend their interests and guarantee their safety, It's not an easy task, but we apply ourselves to maintaining order within our walls. Discipline is the best cure for chaos!

Say that you agree completely.
Reply that you are quite an anarchist at heart.

You look like a trustworthy person, despite your slightly scruffy appearance. You're a hero apprentice in search of Dofus, am I right?


I thought so. Would you be prepared to get involved in some important business involving so-called dragon eggs? You'd have your chance to stand out from the crowd of odourific adventures that are milling about everywhere.

Accept without hesitating.

It's nice to see your enthusiasm! I'll keep it quick: we have every reason to think that a Fake Dofus smuggling ring is operating in Astrub. We've been trying to shut it down for a while now, without much success. The militiamen serving the city get spotted too easily... Mercenaries have never been much good at playing spies.

Keep listening

We need to capture a smuggler so we can question him. Dishonest sellers target young adventurers who think they're getting a bargain by buying a discount Dofus... How would you feel about pretending to be a naive customer so you can get close to one of these swindlers?

Reply that you're ready to play the game.

Perfect! Go to the tavern and tell everyone you're a Dofus seeker. I'm sure you'll be able to attract the attention of certain people with ill intentions... I have no doubt you'll manage to deal with the situation as best as possible! If you manage to capture a suspect, take him to the militia, and Chief Igor Ant will deal with him.

Head for the tavern.


Related AchievementsEdit

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