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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub Cemetery
Coords [2,-9]
Options Talk

Arpagnagrobis is an NPC.



I must remember to have my shoes reshod the next time I'm in town.

Find out more about him.

Menalt's soul is troubled! And if he can't rest in peace, neither can anyone else... Buried there since the battle of the Crimson Dawn, the former protector of Martalo is being eaten away by anger. Someone took his head and he's desperate to get it back, at any cost! In fact, the main reason that we Centorors became Perceptors is to find Menalt's lost head... I'd prefer to find it before he does... Believe me, if he manages to raise an army of living-dead like Raval did, we'll soon know about it!

Shiver at the mere thought of it.

Never forget Menalt, adventurer, and don't lose your head seeking out the Dofus!

Say goodbye and leave.
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