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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub City
Coords [1,-16]
Details Astrub Grocery Store
Options Talk

Artand is an NPC.


In Astrub Grocery Store

Hello, heroes! So, my instinct says you're hunting for a honey-loving animal... Am I wrong?

Admit that you're trying to neutralise a bear.

Let me introduce myself. Artand, tireless adventurer, tester of the impossible, and occasional gobbowl player on my lunch break. Are you looking to put an end to the attacks in Astrub Forest? I can help you.

Find out more about his intentions

Master Zeurg sent me to fetch a highly valuable Osamodas Spellbook. The bear you're about to confront is no ordinary bear... He's inhabited by a spirit that has turned him into a particularly dangerous creature. This spirit was summoned by a man who uses forbidden magic to try and take control of the forest.

Keep listening.

You want to get rid of the bear, and I want the spellbook. This endeavour would be mutually beneficial, so why not work together? I can withstand the spirit's attacks, which may not be the case for you. I can distract the beast while you defeat the one controlling it so it can't harm anyone else. Are you with me?

Agree to this well-timed alliance.

High five! The fates will decide. Don't worry, we have a good chance of winning. I've located the attacker's hiding place... Let's meet there! Follow Artand's directions.

At Bearman Camp, after fight

When luck is on your side, you need to make the most of it. When it's not, grit your teeth and make sure it's with you next time.

Ask if he is doing well.

Golden phoenix feathers! That animal hit harder than an enraged Iop! You did well... We make a good team! Master Zeurg will be pleased to get the spellbook back, and you can declare the woods safe again!

Hand over the spellbook you took from the Bearman's body.

Thank you, (your name)! Maybe we'll meet again under other circumstances... Until then, I wish you luck!

Say goodbye to Artand and leave.


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