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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesAmbiguous Ambition (Bonta Quest #57)
Recommended level
Total rewards152,000 XP, Alignment level 58
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelThe Grafioze Curse (Bonta Quest #59)

Assault on the Patrol is a quest.


I think it's time to test the fruits of our labour. The militia is on manoeuvres and we have just received a few cases of equipment from Nara. I want to plan an ambush on the Brakmarian patrol but to do that, I need to know where and when to strike. You're going to visit our spy in Brakmar and ask where to find reports on the rounds of the Brakmarian patrols. As soon as you have these documents, come and report to me. We'll have to strike quickly, before the Brakmarians realise the documents have been stolen and they change their plans.

Accept the mission.

Step 1: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestEdit

Amayairo wants to set an ambush for the Brakmarians to test the new equipment and the cohesion of the militiamen.

Hey you, what do you want?

Brakmar is a putrid city at this time of year.

I hope no one followed you here. You'll have to stop coming to see me every time you have a question, people will talk. So you want to know the rounds of the Brakmarian patrols, huh? There's a hidden office in the militia dormitory and inside, Oto Mustam keeps his documents. If you manage to get in, you'll find what you're looking for and maybe even more. Good luck.

End dialogue.

  • Find the map: Militia's hidden office
Go downstairs one level in the Militia building. Go to the top corner to enter the hidden office.
  • Find the documents on the patrols.
Click on the desk with the closed book on it.
You've received 1 Register of Rounds

If I had this document, I'd have even more influence in this city.

Hand over the register.

You managed to get into their militia building and steal this document? Excellent. Let's see what's in here... We don't have the time to read it carefully, every minute counts, so we have to act quick. I'm going to send men to the Cemetery of the Tortured and you'll go with them. When you've finished with the Brakmarian patrol, come back and report to me. Now get out of here, you mustn't miss the patrol.

End dialogue.
You've lost 1 Register of Rounds

Ah, it's you! Can we begin the attack? The Brakmarian patrol is going to arrive any minute now.

Let's go!

I see who's coming. Advance! For Bonta!

Rejoin the battle!
You will not be able to get help from friends. Your team consists of:
You will be fighting:
You will drop a Cemetery Patrol Insignia
  • Talk to Amayiro

Well done, you got the patrol. Here's your bonus. Unfortunately that's the end of the good news. The Brakmarians found out about Nara's traps and since he refused to work for them, they got rid of him. He fought hard for his life, and took several Brakmarians off to the grave with him. We still don't know what the Brakmarians are planning to do next.

You've lost 1 Cemetery Patrol Insignia


  • 152,000 XP
  • You've earned 2000 Kamas
  • Your alignment level is now 58
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