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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Location The Snowbound Village
Coords [-76,-71]
Options Talk

Asselo is an NPC.



Don't just stand there, you'll catch a cold. I have enough on my plate looking after villagers that have been injured by Snowfoux and when you take into consideration the means at my disposal it's already a miracle that I can save them without having to amputate anything.

Find out more about her.
As you're obviously so keen to find out, my heart is already taken. If you're interested in the rest, that's already taken as well.
Apart from that, I put my knowledge of alchemy and my skills as an Eniripsa to use helping the other villagers. Believe me, doing that every day is no fun, and so I wouldn't say no to a little comfort after nightfall.
Suggest seeking comfort with the resonance crystal.
Where did you find that? Who gave it to you? What have you done with it?.
Explain what happened in the Fangs of Glass.
I'm sorry to have spoken to you in that tone, but, you see, my sister Kallishindri used to possess a unique gift which allowed her to cut resonating crystals using just her voice. Unfortunately, she disappeared a few years ago, climbing Mount Scauldron. She wanted to know what had become of the castle's inhabitants, but we haven't seen her since. Would you remind him on the crystal, please? I'll use it to study the phenomenon of resonance in the Fangs of Glass and, if I discover anything, I'll let you know straigh taway.
Hand over the resonance crystal


Features in


All NPCs in the village will not update quests when the Snowfoux Invasion is happening nor talk to you if you have the Lurgi.

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