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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Astrub Knight (NPC)
Location Astrub City
Coords [4,-18]
Options Talk

Astrub Knight (NPC) is an NPC.



Isn't it a pleasure to stroll through the streets of Astrub? Isn't the City of Mercenaries the most beautiful place in the World of Twelve? I'm so proud to be here, watching over its inhabitants.

Find out more about the knights.

Our order was founded by the illustrious Godferry of Bou-Boulio, a valiant brother in arms to Lord Fallanster. We swore to protect Astrubian independence even if it cost us our lives! Led by that strong-lunged cavalier, Eamonn Sipate, we march forth, united under the same banner, felling Fallanster's enemies right, left and centre!
We also like going on adventures, and we're happy to help heroes in need!

Wish him good morrow and be on your way.
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