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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Professor Maximilio at [-1,-1]
Other prerequisitesKofferology
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 975,000), 11,980 Kamas, 15 Orichor, 5 Hurtful Locker Horn
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelChest Cold

Aurphanage is a quest.


Talk to Professor Maximilio at [-1,-1] in Crucible of Fortunes.


After long negotiations, I got the Alloyance's authorisation to continue my research on Strongboxers. Without wanting to upset our new friend, I believe it was implied that his group saw this as an opportunity to carry out research without spending a single kama. I personally have no problem with that, provided they don't get in the way of my work. However, I did agree to do a little favour for the Alloyance to make our agreement official, and, as you may have guessed, I'm going to need your help.

Keep listening.

A Strongboxer has escaped from what the Enutoughs call the Aurphanage, a disused industrial complex where old, abandoned and defective Strongboxers are stored until they can be repaired or reassigned. The fugitive is hiding from the Enutoughs, but Riberich thinks that strangers like us might be able to approach it without raising its suspicions.

Find out more.

The Strongboxer answers to the name of Charado. It's a unique model of Mimicasket created by an amateur sword fighter called Soul Jed. When Jed disappeared, taking his fortunes with him, Charado became inactive and was transferred to the Aurphanage, where it's escaped from now. There's more than meets the eye with this creature...Everyone's worried about the escape, but Riberich reckons that Charado is sensitive to the suffering of others, so it can't be all bad.

Listen to the plan.

I want you to stand at the entrance to the Aurphanage and pretend that something terrible has happened. You could pretend you'd just been dumped by your soulmate...Nah, that's way too unrealistic, who'd go out with you in the first place? Hmm...we need something simpler. Riberich has told me of several instances of kamas acting like quicksand, slowly swallowing up adventurers whole. I believe we've already lost agents that way. Pretend that's happening to you. I'll trust you'll manage to do it realistically; you look like you're used to faking things. And as soon as Charado appears, you can sweet-talk it and lead it back to us.


Step 1: AurphanageEdit

To be able to continue his research on the Strongboxers with the Alloyance's support, Professor Maximilio has agreed to do them a favour. Which means YOU'LL be doing them a favour.
  • Find the map: Entrance to the Aurphanage
Located at [-2,-4] (in Enurado).
  • Pretend to drown in the sea of kamas
This fight can be done with a team. You must defeat Rokforphage. You will likely need to bring a team for this fight.

(A funny looking Strongboxer stares at you hungrily. Unless you want to end up flung into the back corner of some vault like a common pouch, you're going to have to fight, and given this one's size, a little help wouldn't go amiss.)

Stop the Rokforphage from swallowing you whole.
Hope that back-up arrives very soon.

You will lose 1 Kamanbair. Charado will follow you.

(The Strongboxer eyes you from its refuge amidst all the crystals and kamas.)

Approach slowly, holding out the Kamanbair.

(The Strongboxer starts to soften and licks the piece of Kamanbair.)

Put down the Kamanbair and gesture for Charado to follow you.

Charado will stop following you.

You maybe impulsive and easily frustrated, but I can't fault your efficiency. Charado is extremely sensitive and has caused too much damage to be reassigned a new job. We have no choice but to throw it in the skip. If only it ad behaved better, we might have been able to place it with the other outdated Mimics, but unfortunately that's just not possible now.


(Charado pulls its sad Bow Wow eyes on you and looks more pitiful than an Astrubian freezing half to death at the Frigost Zaap, clad only in a Prespic Set.)

Try to think of a less radical solution.


The alliance between the Alloyance and the Dimensional Voyagers is too new for us to risk destabilising it, especially for something as insignificant as an artificial creature. I'm going to leave the affair in Riberich's hands. He can deal with it as he sees fit.

Charado will follow you.

You captured it, so I see no reason not to grant your request. Take Charado to the skip and get rid of it. I'll mark the spot on your map. Once the deed is done, come back to see me and you'll get your reward.

  • Find the map: Skip
Located at [-6,-1] (in Enurado).

(Charado follows you, resigned to its fate)

Throw Charado into the skip.
Let Charado escape, then lie about what happened.


A good job too. Its days of traumatising young Enutoughs are over...Actually, all its days are over! *guffaws* Here's your reward.


Related AchievementsEdit

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