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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Bad Aboum
Location Astrub City
Coords [5,-15], [3,3], [10,16]
Options Talk

Bad Aboum is an NPC.


In Astrub City

Bapapa really isn't picky about who he lets through, is he? If he carries on like this, I wouldn't even be surprised to see Fallanster show up.
So, shall I take you to our den?

Go to the Rogue temple.
Go to Amakna Village.

In The Temple of Rogue

What? You got a problem? Is my size upsetting you?
First of all, it's not the size that counts and secondly, good things come in small packages.
So, shall I take you to Astrub?

Go to Astrub.
Go to Amakna Village.

In The Milicluster

I'm 'border control'. Anyone who wants to get on must first solve my riddle.
Hang on a minute, while I try to remember what it is...
Ok, this time, I'll let you through, but next time you'll have to solve my riddle.

Go to the Rogue temple.
Go to Astrub


He provides you with a transportation between The Temple of Rogue in The Cemetery at [10,16], the old Rogue chapel located in Astrub City at [5,-15] and The Milicluster in Amakna at [3,3].
In order to go from Astrub, enter the decayed house at [5,-15], click the altar with the book on top, this will move a large stone on the floor which will reveal a staircase, taking you down to a boat. Then talk to Bad Aboum.
From The Cemetery, he's on the lowest level inside The Rogue Temple.
From The Village, click on the well at [3,3].


You must be subscribed to see him.


Most likely a word play on "badda-boom" which describes the sound of the explosion of a bomb.

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