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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Badmorva's Ghost
Location Alma's Cradle
Coords [-54,-76]
Details Appears during the quest Curses!
Options Talk

Badmorva's Ghost is an NPC.



You dare challenge meeeee? You are not warriors! You're Lousy Pigs! Lousy Piiiigs, all of you! Curse you all! *gestures wildly at the air in front of her*

Bring her back down to earth.

Sniffle. What's that odd heat you carry with you? It's weaker, and yet more complete, than the heat that comes off the lava sources. Ah, yes... Yes! It's the warmth of liiiife! By the crumbling walls of Leeras Teen, you're alive! I have not seen one like you for many moons ... *sniffs* Alma's Cradle is the land of the dead... Those who breathe have no place here. You are brave to venture here... Brave or stupid!

Ask her what she knows about the curse on Frigost.

I cursed this island. I love cursing. Sniffle. When I was still flesh and blood, it was my hobby. I cursed my enemies, my followers, my pets - anything withing wand's range of me! *cackles* I even cursed my own daughter! Of course, now I'm a ghost, it's impossible for me to carry out the old rituals... *sneezes loudly*

Reply that you thought the curse was Djaul's doing.

Oh, him. He might have helped. A bit. Sniffle. *wipes her nose on her hand*

Offer her a tissue

That's no use to meeee! I've always had a sensitive nose. Sniffle. Trust me to catch a cold despite being dead. *crackles* Imagine! Blast this deadly Lurgi! *sniffs*

Tell her that you know a doctor who developed a vaccine for the Lurgi.

Really Sniffle. Go and see him right away, and bring me back some medicine, or I'll curse the ground you stand on and... and... turn you into a Lousy Pig!

Refuse and run for your life, terrified of becoming a pork chop with legs.
Reply that you don't take orders from a sliver of ectoplasm with a runny nose.

A great sorceress deserves more respect than that! *sniffs* But okay. Help me and I'll tell you more about the curse. My curse, I mean. Sniffle.

Accept and set off for Frigost Village.


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