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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Baka Laive
Location The Snowbound Village
Coords [-75,-74]
Options Talk

Baka Laive is an NPC.



Bloody Snowfoux. I did say that we needed to exterminate all of them, even the little ones. No one listened, and now look what's happening.
The time for talking is over. I need some volunteers with the balls to wipe out these vermin. After all this time, I'm starting to understand how these beasts work. As long as Fuji Snowfoux is alive and well in the caverns, males will attack. We need to get rid of the female so the invasions stop and any Snowfoux living in the village leave.


Features in


All NPCs in the village will not update quests when the Snowfoux Invasion is happening nor talk to you if you have the Lurgi.

When handing in bountys - If fuji snowfoux is in the cavern and needs to be killed, he will replace the bounty you are trying to hand in. Its a good idea to check the cavern before killing your bounty, or get a friend to kill him for you if you have the bounty already.

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