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Banks in Dofus serve as facilities for paid storage. They enable access to a private vault which allows for the storage of kamas and items. All characters on the same account and the same server share the same vault. There is no limit to the amount of items you can store in the bank.

To be able to access the bank you must be over level 10.

The access fee is 1 Kama per item slot (i.e. access to a vault containing 100 wheat costs 1 kama, access to a vault containing 1 wheat and 1 flax costs 2 kamas.) There is no charge to store kamas, however neither does the bank pay any interest. When you choose to access your vault, the fee is automatically withdrawn from your inventory. If the amount of kamas in your inventory is not enough to cover the fee, the missing amount is withdrawn from your bank.

Any kamas made from the sale of Ogrines or items using Markets are automatically deposited in the bank, along with any items that were not purchased within the allowed time limit on the markets.

The bank has also been used for the pickup of certain promotional items.


There are several banks located across the world of Dofus. While different locations, the banks give access to the same vault (ie. you can access your items and kamas from any bank location).

The banks in Bonta and Brakmar consist of three interconnected banking rooms, with separate entrances.