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(Not true professions)

Basic refers to tasks which any character can do, regardless of specific training (unlike proper professions).

Combining Resources/Shattering Items Into Runes[]


Crusher.png A Crusher can be found at all Smithmagi's Workshops:

Combine Resources[]

Result Ingredients
3 slots
Red Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Fire Kwak Feather, 1 Fire Kwak Beak
Blue Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Ice Kwak Feather, 1 Ice Kwak Beak
Green Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Wind Kwak Feather, 1 Wind Kwak Beak
Yellow Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Earth Kwak Feather, 1 Earth Kwak Beak
Red Triam Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Red Scaraleaf Antennae, 1 Red Scaraleaf Wings
Blue Triam Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Blue Scaraleaf Antennae, 1 Blue Scaraleaf Wings
Green Triam Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Green Scaraleaf Antennae, 1 Green Scaraleaf Wings
Yellow Triam Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 White Scaraleaf Antennae, 1 White Scaraleaf Wings
Red Mage Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Black Dreggon Shell, 1 Black Dreggon Egg
Blue Mage Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Sapphire Dreggon Shell, 1 Sapphire Dreggon Egg
Green Mage Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 Golden Dreggon Shell, 1 Golden Dreggon Egg
Yellow Mage Metaria 1 Metaria Sphere, 4 White Dreggon Shell, 1 White Dreggon Egg
4 slots
Crushed Blop Flowers 1 Cherry Blop Flower , 1 Pippin Blop Flower , 1 Coco Blop Flower , 1 Indigo Blop Flower

Shatter An Item Into Runes[]

You can also use the Crusher to turn an item into Smithmagic Runes. The stats of the equipment determine what type of rune you get from shattering. For each stat of the equipment crushed you will receive an amount of runes.

With the new system you need five times the stat to get the desired rune. For instance to get a Ra Int Rune you would need 50 or more intelligence on an item. Having ten times the stat would give two of the Ra Runes.

The average number depends on

  • The min and max as above
  • The type of stat. It is significantly harder to get a Ga Pa Rune if you crush Items with 10 AP than to get an Ine Rune if you crush Items with 10 points Intelligence.
  • The level of the initial stats. Crushing +1 Strength items gives a significantly lower percentage than Crushing +20 Strength items.
  • If the item is crushed frequently on the server.

The average number does not depend on the following.

  • The grouping of items is irrelevant.
  • Shattering in one big batch or single batches is irrelevant.
  • Negative stats (e.g. -10 Intelligence) are irrelevant.
  • Grouping the same negative and positive stats together are irrelevant too!

The table below shows the average number of runes by 100 Points of stat for reasonably powered items.

Average number of runes gained When shattering 100 Points of ...
66.60 Chance, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality, Agility,
Wisdom, Damage, Life
66.60 Prospecting
6.66 PODs
6.66 Initiative
3.60 Critical hit
25 Heals
2 Range
3.33 Summon
0.25 AP
10 MP

Crafting Fairywork[]

You can create Fairywork using the Pyrotechnics Workbench found at [-14,-21] in Imp Village.

Using Wells[]

You can gather Drinking Water from Wells.

Gather Potatoes[]

You can gather Potatoes from Potato Heaps.