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Be Aware! is a quest available in Incarnam.

Obtaining Edit


You know, when you the flag is raised, the whole country stands behind. Well, not behind the it, it's too small but, well, behind it, understand? I need a flag like that, but not to... not to stand behind it, I'm not a coward. But to stand...

Sure, but you shouldn't eat too much of that mush-mush soup, sonny!
I don't think I understood what you've just said.
It's simple. A flag is a symbol. Well, it's like a symbol, but it's not... it's like a symbol made out of cloth. That;s it. I need a symbol... made out of cloth, get it?
What do you want me to bring you back, exactly?
What you need for a flag is a symbol. A symbol is not the have to sew the symbol on the flag. You know what I mean?
I'm going to find you everything you need.
Go take your medicine now.

Step 1 : Early Shear Edit

Djaycy is a fantastic guy. It took a mind like his to finally understand that with wool you could make... wool.


You bring me back some wool and it's like you've brought back victory. Wool IS victory, get it? On the other hand, if you give me the wool, the victory's yours, too. That's why wool is victory... but it's different. Cos you can't make stuff out of victory... but wool, ahh wool. Are you sure you're following me? Look, go see Shaa Kwira, she'll help you become a bit more powerful.

485 XP, 25 Kamas and 2 Gobball Saliva

Step 2 : Shaa Kwira Edit

Go see where Shaa Kwira is.

  • Discover map Tower of the Kerub Militia (5,1)
485 XP

Quest finished.

Trivia Edit

This character was inspired by the belgian Action Movies actor Jean-Claude (JC : Jaycy) Van Damme who's famous for his... very singular philosophy. He always claims to be "aware" (of what, we don't know).