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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Bethel Akarna (NPC)
Location Silent Wrecks
Coords [-48,-82]
Details Found at the end of the Bethel's Tower dungeon.
Options Talk

Bethel Akarna (NPC) is an NPC.

For the Monster of the same name, see Bethel Akarna.



Did you think you'd seen the last of me? Death itself couldn't stop me. So, adventurer... You've had your moment of glory, but that‘s all it is. A brief moment... which is nothing compared to the rest of eternity.

Leave Bethel's Tower.
Find out more about him.

I tamed Bolgrot, the cursed dragon. I am the one that Koutoulou waited for, dreaming. I spawned the Sea Witch. I am all that, and much more. You, on the other hand, are nothing.

Remind him that you beat him.

Defeated is a big word. Yes, you monopolised my attention when you interrupted me during one of my daily rituals, but thanks to my new state, lost time is no longer a problem. I have nothing to do but wait for the stars to be favourable... Then, the temples shall crumble, and new gods shall reign over the world. *starts laughing cruelly, while craziness flashes in his livid eyes*

Leave the Tower.
Stay a few moments longer.


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