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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Otomai's Apprentice at (2,-21)
Level required1
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level20
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 1 Apprentice Cloak
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Beware of the Beast! is a quest.


Talk to Otomai's Apprentice at [2,-21] in Astrub City.


Ah, there you are! Do you have the Plasmogrine? Time is of the essence!

Show the box of Plasmogrine.

Perfect! You've proved yourself to be trustwothy. I'm going to need your help, this is a delicate situation.

Ask what's going on.

A ferocious creature is running riot in and around Astrub! The citizens are starting to get scared. Fortunately, I may have found a way to put the beast out of action... Will you help me?

Agree to help.
Refuse and leave.

The monster isn't attacking the people, but it has done a lot of damage. It has even entered certain buildings and wrecked everything inside. It seems as though it's looking for something...and I think I know what.

Continue the discussion.

I'm going to tell you a secret: I'm convinced that this is the monster that escaped from my master's laboratory. Everything suggests that it's scouring the city for Plasmogrine, that substance with incredible properties so sought after by scholars. We have to capture the Beast and get it back to Otamai Island!

Continue the discussion.

I've put together a plan. We're going to lure the monster into a trap using Plasmogrine! Whilst I prepare the bait, could you go and see a few people in Astrub? They might have new information about the creature. I've made a note of their names in your notebook.

Go and speak to certain citizens of Astrub.

Step 1: Find Out More About the BeastEdit

Otomai's apprentice wants to capture the Beast, who is causing chaos in Astrub. First of all, he asked you to find out the latest news about it from certain townspeople.


If you're looking for somewhere to sleep, I still have a few places free... the straw is fresh, it was only changed two weeks ago... Ha ha!

Ask what he knows about the Beast of Astrub.

Arghh, don't get me started! This monster is a real pain! It's devastated the harvests. It's ruined loads of warehouses, cellars, lofts and other storage places. Doors and fences make no difference, it destroys everything in its path!

Continue the discussion.

It's been seen all over the place: inside Astrub's city walls, near the ramparts, in the fields, at the entrance ot the mines... We have no way of knowing where it will strike next - nor exactly what it's after! I don't have enough mercenaries to keep an eye on all those place. I don't suppose you'd like to enlist, would you? It'll earn you a weekly ration of stale bread, at least!

Politely refuse his generous offer.

Too bad! At least I tried... In any case, if you run into the Beast, watch out, because it might just decide to rip both your arms off!


If the stars have anything to go by, you have something to ask me. Let me guess! In my frothy beer foam, I can see a vague silhouette... Oh, it's turning into a rock which protects its den... Its eyes are icy blue, as cold as a frosted pintglass... And its baleful gaze is fixed on you! It opens its mouth to say something... BUURP! Whoops.. sorry.

Ask what he knows about the Beast of Astrub.

I know all, obviously, but I say nothing, or at least nothing that might be incriminating. Otherwise, they'd try to pin all the world's misfortunes on be, be they from the past, the present of the future. And I wouldn't even be able to drown my sorrows...just thinking about it gives me the shakes.

Leave him with his bitter reflections.


The Beast is among us! Astrubians, it will ravage your fields, curdle your mimilk, empty your coffers and ransack your larders! Nobody is safe from its destruction! Only the most fervent disciples of Enutrof can hope to remain untouched!

Find out more about the Beast of Astrub.

I seen the monster with me own two eyes, when it burst into the gallery where I was diggin'! I had a nice seam to work on that day, but I couldn't get out of there fast enough! Thank Enutrof I got out in one piece, but the Beast made a right mess of my concession...

Ask what the Beast stole.

T'be honest, I don't know much about it... Couldn't tell yeh what it's after, just that I don't want to run into it mesel'!


So, have you been able to talk to all the people I mentioned? Have you learnt anything which might be useful?

Summarise what you're found out.

Very well. According to what you've told me, the place which is coming up most often is the mining area. We ought to prepare our ambush there.

Continue the discussion.

I've asked a master hunter for help, and he has agree to produce something to camouflage the trap so that we can catch the monster. Whilst I check the final details, could you fetch the necessary items from Unterix Unter? Then meet me near the mines to the north of Astrub.

Go and see the master hunter.

Step 2: Trap the BeastEdit

The apprentice has asked you to help prepare the trap. When everything is in place, all you'll have to do is wait for the monster to take the bait!


What do you want?

Talk about the camouflage needed to trap the Beast.

Apparently Otomai's apprentice has found reinforcements... Look, this is what he asked of me. They should be able to catch the Beast!

Take the trap, thank him and get going.



Do you have the camouflage that Unterix Unter made?

Hand over the trap.

Thank you. We're going to be able to carry out the ambush! The local miners have helped me to dig a trench, though their picks and shovels weren't up to much! I'm going to go and install the trap in the gallery behind me. Take the Plasmogrine bait and put them somewhere obvious, where the creature will see them. Place a trail to lead the Beast here from the Astrub ramparts. Come and find me when you're finished!

Take the bait.

  • Place the first piece of bait

(8,-19, click on the green plants)

  • Place the second piece of bait

(9,-19, click on the wooden stake)

  • Place the third piece of bait

(9,-20, click on the white plants)

  • Place the fourth piece of bait

(10,-20, click on the Medium sized, green plant)

  • Place the fifth piece of bait

(10,-19, click on the rock on the wall near the ladder)

Note: These can be done in any order.

  • Place the sixth piece of bait inside the mine

(10,-19, click on the green mound near the TNT barrel)

He's now inside the mine. Step on the tile next to where you placed the last bait to open the gated door. He'll be in the first room through the door.
Beware the Beast hint

Good, everything's set. When the monster approaches the Plasmogrine, I'll pulle the rope and the false ground will give way under its weight. Now all we have to do is wait.

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors to kill some time.

  • Find the map: Trap Room

Step 3: Defeat the BeastEdit

The trap hasn't worked according to plan, so you have to keep the Beast busy whilst Otomai's Apprentice fixes the problem. Use your fighting skills to show it who's boss!


What in the name of... Looks like things aren't going according to plan! Quick, get the creature's attention, we can't let it get away!



Attack the creature.
Wait for support.

Otomai's Monster deals reasonable damage in close combat and at range, can take AP or MP, and unsummons.

Step 4: Learn the Truth About the BeastEdit

This creature isn't the one Otomai's Apprentice was expecting... Talk to Jykel the Goblin and the apprentice to figure out what's going on.


Phew, the trap finally opened when you laid the monster on the ground! But it's not the beast from Otomai that we've caught... Jykel?! You great gob! What are you up to this time?

Question Jykel.


It wasn't me, I swear! It was the other guy, he broke everything! I'm just a poor, defenceless goblin... You should blame that usbotgpsnbujpo potion!

Ask him not to mumble.

The transformation potion! I know, I should never have nicked it from the master's shelf... but Otomai had no right to be so mean to me! He said he would teach me to be a great doctor, he shouldn't have changed his mind! And all because I spilt a bit of acid on his upft...everyone makes mistakes! Anyway, I'm sure they grow back.

Continue listening to the Goblin.

I wanted to show the master that I could make magic potions too! I tried to improve the recipe, but when I tasted it to see, I because fat, ugly and as stupid as a Trool! I swear, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't want any of that to happen!

Ask Otomai's Apprentice for an explanation.


That idiot is probably telling the truth: the master's potions shouldn't be given to just anyone, so imagine if a gobline got hold of them...well, you can see what happens! The Plasmogrine must have been present in a concentrated form within the elixir, and as a Trool he felt the need to find some. But I wonder if he found any?

Ask Jykel the question.


Yes, yes, I have loads, I hid it in a cave not far from here! Tons of Plasmogrine! But I can't remember how I found it... I'll show you if you like, and I'll give you everything, I'll do anything for the master! I'm sorry, I swear, I just wanted to become a smart doctor who knew loads of stuff!

Get Jykel out of the hole so he can take you to the Plasmogrine.


Aaah! The Plasmogrine... Where's the Plasmogrine? What's this big hole? Someone's stolen my Qmbtnphsjof!!

Speak to Otomai's Apprentice.


It looks like someone's already been here... Someone capable of making holes in the rock. I wonder...but we'll find out later.

Continue the discussion.

Thank you very much for your help, and sorry about all the trouble Jykel caused. Otomai won't forget the part you played in this story. As a way of saying thank you, please take this cloak. When you wear it, everyone will recognise you as an Apprentice of the master. I know a few people who'll be jealous!

Go back out into the fresh air.


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