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IllyrianDruid IllyrianDruid 9 September 2021

Dofus and me

The long, winding story of Dofus and me.

First post (mainly to see if it works...)

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Axelvlast Axelvlast 3 June 2021

They will for a shiny badge!

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Kwismaskiller Kwismaskiller 17 May 2019


I am still working on the overhaul of sets, but, as they say, "Man cannot live on bread alone." Therefore, I have gone ahead on my "Core Gameplay" project to consolidate all the basic information needed by players in order to best improve their competency in the game. Additionally, I am almost done collecting the whole year's worth of screenshots for Almanax, which has been a pet project for me, as I like the idea of this site also functioning as an archive of all things Dofus and, by extension, Krosmoz.

Of course, the wiki is quite out-of-date in many sections, and with regards to features. I have been spending a lot of time reviewing other wikis, and even registered the new GOT browser game wiki as an upcoming project for my daughter and …

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FortunesEnu FortunesEnu 3 February 2019

New to the Wiki - What I'm working on

Hi there,

I'm new to the wiki, only coming around a few days ago. I realised that the vast majority of Ohmywi's content isn't covered on the Wiki so I'm doing my best to fill in as much as I can while I work through the content.

I don't know whether this should be in a blog post or whether anybody reads these things, but I thought I'd make one seeing as I've had a lot of activity in the last few days.

Being new to the Wiki, I'm learning how to format some things and I was struggling with some of your more complex templates, though, I think I know what I'm doing now.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing when I finish with Ohmywi (which likely won't be soon), but for now, I'm going to keep making and editing pages relating to Ohmywi and it's content.…

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Kwismaskiller Kwismaskiller 27 January 2019

Sets, and then back to the Almanax Project

FYI The recent work I have been doing with regards to cleaning up the information about sets is not going to remain my primary focus. I just felt embarassed when looking for some set information that our pages were so messy and incomplete. Once everything is in reasonable order, I shall return to my Almanax project, along with completing Brakmar quests and improving the overall design of the site.

BTW I also plan to continue with the Krosmoz project of linking our site with the other Ankama sites. And, finally, I am designing a new background image, as this one really does not fit the game.

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Kwismaskiller Kwismaskiller 10 January 2019

Dofus Wiki WAM Score

I have been meaning to write more in the blog, but have been otherwise busy. Today, I discovered WAM scores, which has Dofus wiki at #457, with a score of 87.43, right between German Harry Potter and Crash Bandicoot. Man, we suck! I know many of you are angry or scared that I am changing styles and adding new pages/sections, and are afraid I will make things too difficult for the casual wikier. I say to you that now the fun starts. I am going to start promoting the wiki as as tool to improve awareness of Dofus. I have some experience with this activity, and managed to get my former ESL school in Almaty up to the top five on Google for related searches, all without paying Google anything. My goal is to get Dofus a WAM score in the top 100, …

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Kwismaskiller Kwismaskiller 28 December 2018

1st Meridia Quest Page Complete

I have just finished, though I may alter it a bit, my first of 365 Almanax Meridia quest pages. I plan to do the whole year, and have done screen shots for June 1st, Namyknof (the first of the pages), through today's offering. Once again, I plan to bring the same organization and uniformity to Almanax as I have started with my Brak Quest pages. This is a great undertaking, but now that the general format is complete, as with the Brak pages, I should be able to complete other pages quickly. I also plan to clean up the Cawwot Dofus quest pages, as I have screenshots for half of those already. So much to do. Untimately, I am doing this not just to help others, but also to benefit myself. My hope is that I will be hired either by Ankama or Fan…

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Kwismaskiller Kwismaskiller 13 December 2018

Brak Quest 76 Wiki Page Complete

I am tired, and because of an error with the picture upload feature, I had to upload pics in gallery form and redistribute them by name, so I shall keep this short. This is the first page that I have created as a registered user of Wikia. Over the years, I have edited and created a few pages. I will not say "many", but the ones I have made have been detailed. I never registered because I never saw any need to do so. However, in preparation for continuing Brak quests on my accounts (for which I had created approximately the mid-60s to the mid-70s), after having stopped on those quests for many months, I reviewed the pages I had created for previous Brak quests, only to discover that they had been rampaged, simplified, cut apart, and uglied.…

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RainbowSpike RainbowSpike 3 April 2017

List of non-standard categories

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Eneshaluk Eneshaluk 23 August 2014

pandawa help

i am into needings new pandawa/chance guide, because other guides prepared for "does not exist skills".

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Mexiah Mexiah 17 March 2014

Eternal Harvest

Simple spreadsheet for keeping track of everything for EH:


  • Bring 1 Shin Larva soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 GM Wabbit soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Dragon Pig soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Mumminotor soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Royal Tofu soul to Otomai's Assistant


  • Bring 1 Tanukoui San soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Sewer Keeper soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Lord Crow soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Royal Rainbow Blop soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Great Coralator soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Gourlo the Terrible soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Moowolf soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Moon soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Koolich soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Bring 1 Skeunk soul to Otomai's Assistant
  • Br…
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Emile69 Emile69 2 July 2013

Dofus Journal

This is where I keep information that is useful in-game. Anyone is welcome to use anything here if they wish to. //Emile69

==Almanax Offerings===

(For use in Alliance Bulletin Board or Guild Bulletin Board) (Still WIP)

July 1: x4 Crocodyl Chief Scale
July 2: x6 Boar Tusk
July 3: x7 Mini Healing Potion
July 4: x2 Diced Amakna Rat Jowl
July 5: x1 Kitsou Nakwa Hair
July 6: x40 Kittenfish
July 7: x2 Solfatara Residue
July 8: x8 Gobkool Wool
July 9: x20 Ash Wood
July 10: x1 Eco Bow
July 11: x10 Bauxite
July 12: x2 Mastogob Wool
July 13: x2 Atomistique Stone
July 14: x2 Broken Chain
July 15: x3 Marbled Meat
July 16: x2 Venerable Mud
July 17: x4 Evil Dandelion Flower
July 18: x5 Shrubstrate
July 19: x2 Coralator Coccyx
July 20: x1 Wild Sunflower Oil
July 21: x2 Preciou…

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Westforeast Westforeast 14 May 2013

30 months

30 months... Yep, that's two full years and a half, without even setting a toe outside of China... Yay me!

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Ribery57 Ribery57 16 March 2013

GUILD: "Renaissance" on Zatoishwan

  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Often asked questions
  • 4 We are not hidding anything !
  • 5 Want to give it a shot ?
  • 6 Thank you for reading                                                   Deadly & Millefeullie

  • GUILD: Renaissance
  • SERVER: Zatoishwan
  • LEADER: Deadly & Millefeullie

Hi to all of you. Please only start reading if you have a wish of one day becoming a member of “Renaissance” or if you are already a member. Not everyone can be a part of “Renaissance”, I know most of you guys just think of your level and you think you can do in any guild but NO... Even if you were level 200 a character level 99 might have more chances than you to make it in “Renaissance”. The reason for that is that we don’t look for levels or power; we look for the person behind th…

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Carlos Silva Carlos Silva 5 April 2011

Platypus Set

Hi ^^

Sorry for any misspellings, I'm Portuguese and my English writing is bad! ^ ^

Just like to know how if you can the Platypus Set!?

thanks ;)

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Margbar Margbar 28 November 2010

Eternal harvest step 1

Missing critters:

  • Evil Tofu
  • Air Spark
  • Water Spark
  • Fire Spark
  • Earth Spark
  • Crab
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Colin-Solar Colin-Solar 2 July 2010


I'm just going to post my work on a few builds here.

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Xakumazx Xakumazx 9 September 2010

Well done

well done mate on fixing all those pages messed up by Immortal-shadow. round of applause from me

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Pastels Pastels 18 June 2010


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Wiiidude Wiiidude 13 March 2010

Hi people

So, I am an Intelligence Iop on Rushu only lvl 50 for now though. Blaze-Chest, you might see me running around aimlessly or buying a bunch of random souls when Im bored. But, most of the time im running different dungeons with my guildies. We r a new guild "Vampire Ancestry" but we have a bunch of great people. I am soon going to make a pandawa alt I just have to stop being so lazy and ill get to it :P but anyway, I help people through dungeons on my higher lvls because i know wat its like to be stuck in a dungeon waiting for some help. So, feel free to ask Blaze-Chest to help you through, but i might be going thru with my guildies and they might not be so nice about letting people go with us. Honestly though I will not help u thru dungeon…

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Kailoki Kailoki 11 March 2010

Character Overload

The thought of having multiple characters on multiple accounts are starting to take a toll on me. Not only is it expensive, since i tend to buy year subscriptions for both accounts, but it's time consuming. So I have decided to start deleting some of my chars. It's sad, I know, but if I don't play on them, why have them take up memory? Now on to the next question, which ones do I delete?

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Thousandsunny Thousandsunny 10 March 2010

Interview with a Vampire

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MrTham MrTham 19 January 2010


I am wondering.... Why it is that there is such so much of the dofus world with all its assets that we have not yet discovered. I'm refering to several items that are not found, at least not on my server and yet they still seem to have a wiki record. and the other way around.
Are we lazy? or is Ankama the number one trickster of all?

i assume both are true, but what are we to do then?

i guess researching more and translating more from french to english is the answers..

I will go write about some new items that have no record yet in wiki.

I am wondering....

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Armetia Armetia 10 September 2009

... cont.

Oh yeah, and have the occasional comments from people who don't really care. That's a pretty stereotypical blog, isn't it?

Actually I may end up using this, if only because it lets me be less sensible than usual, and put up random thoughts. More likely I'll completely forget about it/not have any interest in doing so, but meh.

Also, can you not edit previous posts? That sucks. I might just edit the page and do it that way instead.

Oh hey, that's how you edit individual posts!.

How comes this one has a box for stars and the other one doesn't?

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Armetia Armetia 10 September 2009


So, this is the wiki blog thingy. I could probably go on about how life is unfair, and other typical bloggy stuff if I really cared to, but I don't. So I won't.


That is all. And with any luck, I'll never make another blog post ever again.

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Thousandsunny Thousandsunny 20 August 2009

Coool, new blog function....

Been away for awhile. Right after logging in, I was bombarded with tons of wb messages.

You rock dofus community!!

The last battle with Royal Rainbow Blop and his 4 blop boss minions was epok.
Puppetear kept the 4 boss minions busy with his summons while charging right into Rainbow blop! We were doing fine until a Glutoblop was summoned and ate Puppetear!!@#$!
Glutoblop, renowned for his bottomless apetite and 1-hit K.O. spell, proceceeded to corner Blitzfire D= . Using her amazing hex abilities ("shooo go away!") Glutoblop (standing right next to Blitz) moved away and ate Rainbow Blop! XD XD XD But as lightning doesn't strike twice, Blitzfire was next to be consumed!!@#$!
Four Blop bosses left, a rampaging 8-mp-Glutoblop, and I had only 14…

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Mayhemic Mayhemic 7 July 2009

First day here

Me, proud Breeder of Imminence Fate finally came in Dofus Wikia :) I would like to say hi to everyone :P

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