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Bontarian[edit | edit source]

Bontarians compose the citizenry of Bonta, and are, generally, referred to as angels (given their wings). The nemeses of all Bontarians are Brakmarians.

Becoming a Bontarian[edit | edit source]

To become a Bontarian you must talk to Amayiro in the Bonta Militia at [-33,-56] and give him 10 Twiggy Swords. Twiggy Swords are crafted by Smiths and sold at the Smith Market. Once you've complied with his first request you will be granted your wings and the title of Neophyte.

Orders[edit | edit source]

Each alignment holds its own orders. Once you have completed 20 Bontarian Alignment Quests you can choose one of the orders below:

Quests[edit | edit source]

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Name Level Rewards Items Required
Apprenticeship: Renegade Hunter


Level-based XP, Sharp Eye rank: Renegade Hunter

2 Macerated Meat, 16 Potatoes, 2 Bean

Is Anybody There?

Level based XP, Alignment level 76

Crackler's Gold Tooth, 10 Temporal Powder, Piece of Badoul's Treasure, 35 Gold, 35 Corn, 1 Maho Snowfoux Leather, 10 Yokai Snowfoux Wool

If I Had a Hammer...

Level based XP, Alignment level 75

The Stinking Sram

Level based XP, Alignment level 74

1 Scraping Hammer

Time Theft (Quest)

Level based XP, Alignment level 77

Strange Witnesses

Level based XP, Alignment level 73

The Subterfuge of the Horn

Level based XP, Alignment level 70

Training with Tarche


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 1


Lady Marmalade (quest)


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 2


Bread for the Brave


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 3

20 Fougasse

Ned the Dentist


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 4

Training with Torche


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 5


Amayiro's Special Cards


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 6

1 Feubuk Beer

Bird's Flight


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 7

1,000 Kamas

No Lazybones in the Rows!


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 8

First Time in Brakmar


3,000 XP, Alignment level 9


The Aggressive Boar


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 10

A Rest, but not for Too Long


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 11

10 Twiggy Staff, 1 Bakelelite

Payback at the Kikim Inn


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 12

Pot, Double Agent


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 13

Bamboozling Brakmar


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 14

18,000 Kamas

A Breach in Bonta


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 15

Sewer Time


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 16

The Skeleton Elite


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 17

Trool Fair Suspected


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 18

Trool Burger (600 Kamas)

Amayiro's Tabi


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 19

1 Cherry Blop Flower, 1 Indigo Blop Flower, 1 Pippin Blop Flower, and 1 Coco Blop Flower

The Tsog ghost


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 20

1 Twiggy Shovel

Rings on the fingertips

10,000 XP, Alignment level 21

20 Agility Rings

Holbaid's fury

10,700 XP, Alignment level 22

Bontarians Cloaks

11,400 XP, Alignment level 23

10 Bontarian Cloaks 1 Congratulations Wrapping Paper


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 24

250 pods of Peeled Potatoes, 4 Ginger Dragoturkey Wing, 4 Almond Dragoturkey Wing

Lyeno, Treechnid Against His Will

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 25


At Danathor's Service

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 26

3 Piece of Pippin Blop, 1 Bowl, 2 Cherry

Amayiro in the shadow of the Champo

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 27

The death of Rimaraf

14,900 XP, Alignment level 28

1,700 Kamas (if you accepted the assassination mission) 500 Kamas (if you refused the assassination mission)

Scurvy poison for the Jail

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 29

Dike Tarak, the threat

16,300 XP, Alignment level 30

These Fights Aren't Really Legal

17,000 XP, 10,000 kamas, Alignment level 31


Scouting in the Cemetery

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 32

Vengeance by Proxy


Level-Based XP, Alignment level 33


The Anonymous Letter

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 34

200 Kamas


25,000 XP, Alignment level 35

1 Acorn

Badges for a Good Cause

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 36

Cooking course

31,000 XP, 1 Roast Gobball Leg ***, Alignment level 37

Fed up of Lenglad

33,000 XP, Alignment level 38


Tramston is dumb

37,000 XP, Alignment level 39




Alignment Level 40, Level-Based XP


Well I'll Be!

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 41

An Eca Never Flips

65,000 XP, Alignment level 42

Black Cat, White Cat

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 43

Climbing Rope

Bushwhacking... or not!

80,000 XP, Alignment level 45

2,000 Kamas

Please sir, can I have some more?

Level-based XP, Alignment level 46

9 Three-Bean Pemmican, 1 Blo'up Belt

Whipping Boy

Level-based XP, Alignment level 47

1 Sapphire


Level-based XP, Alignment level 48

Brakmar's gone too far

Level-based XP, Alignment level 49

10,000 kamas


5 Rye Bread, Level-Based XP (max: 1,941,861), Alignment level 50

The Port Salutes

Level-Based XP (max: 1,208,377), Alignment level 51, 2,000 Kamas

Equip the Garrison

Level-Based XP (Max: 2,478,712), Alignment level 52

8 Maple Wood, 12 Ash Wood, 1 Kriptonite

A Game of Hide and Seek

Level-Based XP, Alignment level 53

4 Sick Arachnee Hairs, 2 Boar Tusk, 1 Ray Wing, 1 Burnt Cat Inn Beer, 1 Purple Bwork Leather Dragobutt, 1 Chafer Lancer Leather Briefs, 1 equipment with the word briefs or pants such as Adora Briefs or Khan Karkass's Briefs or Bwork Chief Briefs

House Hunting

Level-Based XP , Alignment level 54, 3 Pahoa Raid Potion

6 Hazel Wood, 1 Sulphur Pouch, 1 Kriptonite, 2 Zoth Fabric, 4 Sick Arachnee Hairs, 2 Boar Tusk

Modern Warrior : Special Tactics

Level-Based XP (max: 5,108,600), Alignment level 55

The Militiaman's New Clothes

Level-Based XP (Max: 2,560,702), Bontarian Alignment level 56

2 Kriptonite, 20 Hazel Wood

Ambiguous Ambition

Level-Based XP, 2,000 Kamas, Alignment level 57

500 Kamas, 5 Etching Board, 3 Kobalite, 1 Silkworm Cocoon, 1 Sylvan Needle, 5 Gwass Sepal

Assault on the Patrol

152,000 XP, Alignment level 58

The Grafioze Curse

158,000 XP, Alignment level 59, 2,000 Kamas

2 Red Scaraleaf Carapace, 2 White Scaraleaf Carapace, 1 Magical Cure, 1 Major Arachnee Leg, 1 Amber

Delayed Attack

164,000 XP, Alignment level 60

An Interesting Rumour

Level Based XP, Alignment level 61

100,000 Kamas or 1 Drheamer Claw, 1 Digshot Skin, 1 Powa Drhell Horn and 1 Perfidhius Eye

My Memory's Gone to Pieces

Level based XP, Alignment level 78

1 Climbing Rope, 5 Field Bread, 5 Tear of Eniripsa

A Reminder

Level based XP, Alignment level 79

1 Bread Board, 1 Brassic

The Dawn Shard

Level based XP, Alignment level 80

Interference in Amakna

Level based XP, Alignment level 81

Apprenticeship: Silent Spy

Level-based XP, Sharp Eye rank Silent Spy

Apprenticeship: Supreme Assassin

Level-Based XP, Sharp Eye rank: Supreme Assassin


Don't Be Taken In By Appearances

Alignment Level 87, Level Based XP

Let's calm down

Alignment level 88, Level Based XP

Amaknian Aubergine Soup

All's well that ends badly

Alignment level 89, Level Based XP

1 Trechepeira Venom, 1 Sculucanus Pincer, 1 Sapphire, 1 Icy Brockhard Ear

Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

Alignment Level 90, Level Based XP

1 Lockpick, 1 Panterror soul

Little Favours for Friends

Alignment Level 82, Level Based XP

Guardians of the Gallery

Alignment Level 83, Level Based XP

2 Spoiled Meat, 14 Tench, 14 Millet

Mornings Are Hard

Alignment Level 92, Level Based XP

A Clear Path

Alignment Level 95, Level Based XP

Erzal's Beverage

Dawn of the Walking Dead

Alignment Level 94, Level Based XP

The Doctor Is In

Alignment Level 93, Level Based XP

5 Verminoculate Eye, 5 Bacterrible Antenna, 3 Snowdrop, 3 Sepiolite, 1 Whale Salt

Dispatch of Ice

Alignment Level 99, Level Based XP


Alignment Level 96, Level Based XP

1 Fire Pandawushu Artefact, 1 Water Pandawushu Artefact, 1 Air Pandawushu Artefact, 1 Earth Pandawushu Artefact, 2,000 Kamas


Alignment Level 97, Level Based XP

A Dark Power

Level based XP, Alignment level 69

5 Drizzle Potion, 10 Drinking Water, 10 Pandkin Seed, 4 Magical Cure, 2 Hornbeam Wood, 4 Draught Potion

Topside Down

75,000 XP, Alignment level 44

The Exorcist

Alignment Level 100, Level Based XP, Bontarian Battle Standard Emote

11,000 Kamas

Apprenticeship: Master of Illusions

Level-Based XP, Sharp Eye rank: Master of Illusions


Apprenticeship: Disciple of Menalt

Valiant Heart rank 1


Apprenticeship: Disciple of Jiva

Salvatory Spirit rank 1


Apprenticeship: Enlightened Apprentice

Level-Based XP, Salvatory Spirit rank 2

15 Magical Cure, 1 Healer Potion

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