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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Bontarian Militialady
Location Astrub City
Coords [1,-18]
Options Talk

Bontarian Militialady is an NPC.

Talk[edit | edit source]

Without How to Become a Bontarian Recruit

Hola amigo! Life is only worth living when you're on a battlefield, isn't it? Virile trainings, moonlight duties, are what you really want to do? And I haven't mention the loyal friendship between the militiamen of Bonta yet! So you're in?


Here, take this book! This manual will tell you how to become a perfect Bontarian initiate! Then, go and meet Amayiro, the chief of the Militia. Only he can decide to hire you... or to kick your hands off, as he's fond of saying!

End dialogue.
You receive How to Become a Bontarian Recruit

With How to Become a Bontarian Recruit

Brakmar and its tadpole army fled once again when facing the courageous warriors of Bonta. Enlist in Bonta and you'll always be a winner!

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