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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36]
Level required 120
Other prerequisites Moment of Truth (Brakmar Quest #49)
Recommended level 120
Total rewards Alignment Level 50, Level-Based XP (Max: 1,941,861)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Blue Corruptah Stone, 1 Green Corruptah Stone, 1 Yellow Corruptah Stone, 1 or several Full Soul Stones (containing 3 Dark Baker, 2 Dark Smith, 2 Dark Miner, 1 Koalak Mummy)
Sequel Slaughter in the Plains (Brakmar Quest #51)
Repeatable No

Bottomless Pits is a quest.

Formerly known as Seven Bandits.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36].


NPCs text.

Step 1: Evil Alchemy[edit | edit source]

You need to get some Corruptah Stones. Miners are the only ones who can make them using the unworked creations of wild alchemists.

Step 2: Bottomless Well[edit | edit source]

You have to find out where the Well of the Corrupted Souls is located so as to reveal the full power of the Corruptah Stones. Divad Dleifrepok, master of the Order of the Unsound Mind, can help you.

Step 3: Seven Souls Or None At All[edit | edit source]

You must capture the souls of seven bandits and take them to the Well of the Corrupted Souls. You'll need some Brakmarians who are so vile that they're ready to specialise.
  • Find the map: Well of Corrupted Souls [14,18]
Guardian of the Well is at [14,18] in the cave. Bring 4 other Brakmarians with you who have at least alignment level 20. Stand on the tile with the black and white symbol and have the other Brakmarians stand on the tiles with the black symbols.
The Guardian appears in a mob of Dark Miners and Dark Bakers. He's a level 100 Osamodas with 1400 HP, using Ghostly Claw and summoning more bandits.
Ask the Guardian of the Well to corrupt the souls of bandits before you try any other dialogue options, as most of these will teleport you outside. The correct option will only appear if you have the above mentioned soul stone(s) in your inventory.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 1,941,861)
  • Alignment Level 50
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