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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Brakmarian Militialady
Location Astrub City
Coords [7,-17]
Options Talk

Brakmarian Militialady is an NPC.


Without How to Become a Brakmarian Inductee

Hello my friend! Do you like living in the open-air? Are you looking for a healthy activity that will bring you la joie de vivre? Are you sick of being surrounded by Mush Mush and Larvae? Lucky you found me! I have what you need!


How to become a perfect Brakmarian inductee! With this manual in your pocket, you are promised to a brilliant career in our beautiful city Militia! Take it! Everything's explained inside! Enjoy the reading! If you make up your mind to join our ranks, go and see Oto Mustam! He is next to the Militia in the city of Brakmar!

End dialogue.
You receive How to Become a Brakmarian Inductee

With How to Become a Brakmarian Inductee

We beat Bonta again last time, all the courageous ones enlist in Brakmar!

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