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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Leonard at [-5,-5]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level200
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 5,000,000), 87,960 Kamas, 50 Orichor, 3 Hairsh Golden Ball
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Kamasterisk Horn, 1 Staruman Eyebrow, 1 Levitrof Tooth, 1 Pazpartu Key Fragment

Brilliant Barber is a quest.


Talk to Leonard at [-5,-5] inside the entrance area of King Nidas's Palace.


Would you like to take part in the jousts organised by the Enutough's ruler? If you win, you can start again and keep going until you lose! If you'll get your butt kicked right out of Enurado. Step up, hero, don't be afraid! Come and tug on King Nidas's beard! Ha ha ha!

Ask why it's him on the door instead of an Enutrof.

Normally I'd say that was a question for King Nidas, but mentioning it will just make him hopping mad, so I'll just tell you...I can assure you that I haven't been doing this all my life. I used to be a marquis, head of the Alliance of Wigsmen and official barber to the King, but after an embarrassing misunderstanding, I fell from grace. The King took away my titles and confiscated my personal belongings to distribute among the other alliance leaders. I'll spare you the details, but basically the King ended up somewhat embarrassed and I ended up with nothing.


The Enutoughs refuse to help me, and I have nobody to turn to. But you...your name precedes you. I've heard about everything you've done. Would you help a poor fellow like me?

Listen to his idea.

Before you speak to the King, I need to get back the most precious of the things I used to own. I need to prove that I haven't given up the fight! If I don't, he'll never agree to see me...I know very well that Enutoughs never give anything up without something in return, so I've decided to craft some pouffes to replace the other leaders' shabby rugs, so they'll give me back my things. That's where you come in, see? I need to stand guard at this door night and day, so i can't go and collect the resources myself...

Agree to help.

Thank you! You won't regret this! Go and take a walk around the Eternal Rest to find some resources. Whilst you're there, you may as well dish out a few clouts to the Enutoughs and grab somethings off them when they're not looking. Just pick up anything you can, and then come back here.

Step 1: Brilliant BarberEdit

Leonard is counting on you to clear his name.
Located at [-8,-4] (in Enurado).
Located at [-9,-5] (in Enurado).
Located at [-10,-6] (in Enurado).
You must take all of the required items to Leonard at once. In other words, he will not accept any of these items until you have all of them in your inventory.

Thanks. With this, I should have enough stuff to knock together some pouffes and some other bits and pieces. Go and ask Majus 'Ol for a nice, hearty bowl of soup whilst I get to work.


What should I do today? Bewitch a tourist so she falls hopelessly in love with a Strongboxer? Enchant a Hurtful Locker so that it burps the Enuradan anthem right next to the Dimensional Voyagers' outpost? Or I could just make some toast and then slather on some nice melty Kamanbair.

Ask for a nice, hearty bowl of soup.

A nice, hearty bowl of soup? You've been talking to Leonard... Well, a debt's a debt. Drink this soup; it'll make you feel better.

Drink the soup.

What did I tell you? Don't worry I'm an enchanter, not a poisoner. The soup has no side effects, and I swear you looked just as ugly when you first arrived.


I feel like I've been kicked in the face... not only did the alliance leaders laugh at me, claiming I was a has-been; King Nidas refused to grant me an audience and even told me to stick the new crown somewhere that's much too small for it to fit. Please pay him a visit and force him to rethink his decision!


Related AchievementsEdit

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