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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Corpstive at [-67,-43]
Other prerequisitesHave 1,000 Energy or less
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 1,023,750), (31,980 Kamas, 1 Ice Kama or 11,980 Kamas, 2 Ice Kamas)
Items required
(not provided by quest)

By the Skin of Your Teeth is a quest.


Talk to Corpstive at [-67,-43]. You can see and talk to Corpstive only if you visit [-67,-43] while you have 1,000 Energy or less. If you are a ghost, you can see him, but cannot talk to him until you have visited the Phoenix Statue at [-67,-44].


I'm cold, so cold...

Ask what's happened.

My soul has been trapped in this world of ice for nearly a century now because of a rival's jealousy. I was murdered by Jean-Louis, a farmer who coveted my fields, a few seconds before the big freeze. He got me right between the eyes.
Instead of reincarnating, my soul was trapped when the curse of eternal winter hit Frigost.
I tried everything, but there is no way to free myself.
They do say revenge is a dish best served cold, though. Before that, I have another favour to ask.
Will you help me?


I don't know how my wife Ghislaine is. Go and visit her and tell her what happened. She lives in a small house in the port, to the north-west.

Step 1: Killed in Cold BloodEdit

The Corpstive wants revenge on the farmer who killed him. He's asked you to be his weapon of vengeance.

What are you doing here? Did Seb Atier send you or something?

Talk about her husband

Do you realise what you're saying?
You claim that Jean-Louis murdered my husband Robert, when in fact they were childhood friends. In addition, you have the audacity to say that it was Robert, who has been dead for nearly a century, who told you, and you want me to believe you?
If you have no proof to back up your claim, I would ask you to leave, immediately.

You can see and talk to Corpstive only if you have 1,000 Energy or less.

I'm cold, so cold...

Talk about his wife's scepticism.

I've got an idea. Tell her that during our honeymoon, it wasn't the Bow Wow who had gastric flu. Nobody other than us knows that story, it should convince her that you're not lying.


What are you doing here? Did Seb Atier send you or something?

Talk about the honeymoon.

How did you know about that?
What you have told me is very troubling, I need to think. Let's meet tonight after 7pm to the south of the western exit, near the wall at the boundary between the town and the harbour. I will have made my decision on what to do to avenge my late husband.

  • Make your way over to the west quarter of Frigost Village after 19:00 DUT
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [-85,-42].
When you reach the map at time, you'll start a fight against 1 Frigostian Saoul.
Other characters cannot join the fight.

You're still alive? They told me that...

Ask what she's doing with Jean-Louis.

Well yes, I'm with Jean-Louis. We have been married for over sixty years.
Robert had just won a fortune but the idiot refused to buy the beautiful house by the sea I wanted, so I asked Jean-Louis to eliminate him so that we could both live together and spend Robert's money as we saw fit. At the time I didn't know that idiot Robert had invested his fortune in the fields, and when the big freeze hit I lost everything.
Today, Jean-Louis and I live in this little cabin and there's very little left of Robert's fortune.
Do you intend to betray us? I'm sure we can come to some little arrangement...

Listen to the offer.

I can give you the remains of Robert's fortune, which will be about 20,000 Kamas. What do you think?

Accept the offer.

I'll go and fetch it for you...
Now take the money and leave.

Refuse the offer.
If you refuse the offer, you will need to visit two NPCs.


If you accept the offer
If you decline the offer

Related AchievementsEdit

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