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NPC Details
Area Ecaflipus
Location Hairy Moor
Coords [0,0]
Options Talk

Cadok is an NPC.



I apologise in advance for speaking so loftily that I don't always understand myself even.

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Before I turned into a hairy beast, I was a brilliant doctor and scholar in Xelor's service. My life turned upside-down when an experiment went wrong: I was on the verge of perfecting a panacea when I was unjustly kicked out of my laboratory. Some guinea pig relatives accused me of being responsible for them exploding, even though it was made perfectly clear that my disease vaccine prototype could have side effects.
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I had nothing: my possessions were confiscated, my reputation was ruined and my pockets were empty, probably because they were full of holes. I wandered like a lost soul until an unfortunate encounter transformed me thus. I'd rather not dwell on that time of my life.


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