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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Captain Nereus
Location Madrestam Harbour
Coords [12,-6]
Options Talk

Captain Nereus is an NPC.


At Madrestam Harbour

In the mood for scorching sand and burning sun? Need a little warmth? For 500 kamas, you can board my ship and go to the Island of Ohwymi! Who knows? You might find wealth as you join the great Spice Quests... and if you're unlucky, your bones will add a quaint little touch to the dune landscape.

Pay 500 kamas and climb aboard.
At Ohwymi

You are in Sarakech, the port on Ohwymi Island. I hope you brought some sunscreen lotion, unless you want to end up as wrinkly as an old prune!

Head back to the continent.


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