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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Captain Pawl Ouatnos
Location Permafrost Port
Coords [-84,-40] and [-83,-58]
Details See Locations
Options Talk

Captain Pawl Ouatnos is an NPC.


At Permafrost Port

Hello sailor. Thanks to Captain Ardier's first break through, other boats could follow and we were able to re-establish contact with the closer islands. That boat there is mine: the Sea Chafer! I don't let just anyone on board because the mayor's spies are everywhere. But you don't look like a spy, so I can take you on a tour of Albatrocious Rock.

Learn about Albatrocious Rock.

It's a savage, barren place. When we came back after a century of isolation, we discovered something terrible. A giant whale is partially beached on the rock, and is spitting up toxic waste. You'll be able to see it with your own two eyes if you come with me.

Accept the offer.
Ask about his relationship with the mayor.
That pretty lady doesn't appreciate me. She's been out for me ever since I went up against her in the last elections before the glacier. Without her alliance with the fishermen, she would have lost, I'm sure. When they tried to put new fishing methods in place, with huge nets, I sabotaged their nets, and they're still sore about it.
Postulate that the agricultural contest also played a role in Cantile's re-election.
That's not entirely untrue, and it may have had something to do with it, yeah. But it doesn't change the fact that if I had been elected, with my ecologic program, Frigost wouldn't be in this situation today.
Accept the offer.

Not so fast. Before you get on board, there are several rules to follow. I don't care if you already know them – a good captain always ensures the his team's good behaviour. If you're caught eating meat or consuming any animal products at all, I'll throw you overboard. The same if you're lazy. You're to call me Captain, and never question my orders. One last thing: always have a barf bag handy. Ok, ready?

Head to Albatrocious Rock.

At Albatrocious Rock

Too bad, we haven't crossed any Poachers. Maybe we'll be luckier on the way back and you can see what I like to call a boat-ramming. Look around you and see what madness men cause. These creatures are the result of pollution and experiments without respect for the environment. With such sloppiness, I have no doubt what will become of all the animals.

Return to the port of Frigost.




Captain Pawl Ouatnos is found in two locations


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