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NPC Details
Area Kwismas Island
Carol Kwismas
Location Kwismas Land
Coords [-33,-86]
Options Talk

Carol Kwismas is an NPC.

Talk[edit | edit source]


I'm currently composing some songs about events that have shaken Kwismas Island. They tell me story of my uncle Nicholas, his victory over Father Whupper, the explosion of Descentre 639, the Goblimps' disappearance... and their return! I hope that one day the great Fecaline might read my stories... I'd love to meet her!

Ask where you can find her works

I'd bound quite a few manuscripts to put them in the workshop, but the grumps stole them all! What a waste! I'm pretty sure that they can't even read, except Betty perhaps. Next time, I'll ask Gutenblimp if he can print some copies for me.


Quests[edit | edit source]

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