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Catseye Challenge
Difficulty 6 Unbelievable
Area Ecaflipus
Subarea Kerub Temple
Coords [-9,-22]
Key used to enter Catseye Challenge Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys No
Rewards None
Exclusive monsters Catseye, Queen of Fate
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Catseye Challenge is a dungeon.


Catseye Challenge is found at [-9,-22] in Kerub Temple.


Entry requires giving a Catseye Challenge Key to Crookortails, which is consumed.


Unlike traditional dungeons, Ush Plateau (along with the other Divine Dimensions dungeons) do not have a series of rooms through which you progress. Rather, there is one single fight consisting of various waves of monsters. The Boss Monster will be included in the very first wave. Each wave of monsters will spawn automatically after a set number of turns, however they will also spawn as soon as all the monsters from the previous wave have been cleared.


File:Catseye Challenge Room 1.png

Wave 1Edit

  • Monster, level x
  • Monster, level x
  • Monster, level x
  • Monster, level x (total level: x)
  • 5 characters: +Monster, level x (total level: x)
  • 6 characters: +Monster, level x (total level: x)
  • 7 characters: +Monster, level x (total level: x)
  • 8 characters: +Monster, level x (total level: x)


There's no specific reward from Catseye Challenge except the chance to find Catseye, Queen of Fate.

It is also possible to get the Heads or Tails Emote.

Related AchievementsEdit

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