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In Dofus, your Character that is created in a server you've chosen is your avatar in the game. Upon creation there are a number of ways how you can customize your Character.

You can make your character stronger by Leveling up, improving Characteristics, equipping Equipment.



There are 18 different classes to choose from in Dofus. A character's class determines their characteristic progressions, which class spells they learn and more.

For more information, see the article on class.



You can select your character's sex by selecting the male or female sign on the top left side of the screen. Your character's sex has little effect on anything in game, the most noticable difference just being your appearance. That said there are a number of minor things, such as the beginner swords for Ecaflips or certain NPCs dialogues which are different for each gender.


On the "Customize" screen, you can select five colors for your character, which affect how your character's sprite will appear in game. As with gender, the colours which you pick have little effect on anything in game.


Select a name for your character. The name must consist solely of letters and a hyphen. It cannot contain numbers, spaces or symbols. It also cannot conflict with an existing character on that server.

As well as this there are also a number of restrictions on name creation, for those struggling to pick a name there is a random name generator too.

In order to be valid, your name must comply with the following:

  • Be made up solely of letters without accents, and dashes
  • Be between 3 and 19 characters long
  • Contain one dash maximum, and never as the first or second character (ex. "Beach-ball-babe", "-dofus", "dofu-s" are not acceptable)
  • Contain no spaces
  • Contain one capital letter at the start and nowhere else, except after a dash (ex. "Rainy-Days" is acceptable)
  • Contain at least one vowel (ex. "ghkrtss" is not acceptable)
  • Contain a maximum of two consecutive identical letters
  • Contain a maximum of three consecutive consonants (i.e., "Harkkken" or "Mennnar" is not allowed, but "Blitzkrrieg" is fine)
  • Class and server names, insults and controversial words are forbidden.


All characters can choose between one of eight different faces upon character creation. Character Faces

Dofus Services[]

All of the above attributes, with the exception of class, can be changed by buying Potions from Dofus Services for 700 Ogrines each.

Number of Characters[]

The default number of characters per account is five, but extra character slots may be added by purchasing them from the Dofus Services with Ogrines, and players are allowed one "bonus" slot for some special servers like Oto Mustam. See the image below for a more detailed summary. Character Slots