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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Professor Maximilio at [-1,-1]
Other prerequisitesAurphanage
Recommended level100
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 1,950,000), 23,960 Kamas, 15 Orichor, 3 Precious Moustache
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Kama
SequelThe Best Defence Is a Good Attack, Industrial Espionnage

Chest Cold is a quest.


Talk to Professor Maximilio at [-1,-1] in Crucible of Fortunes.


So you've noticed it too! They've been suffering from some kind of strange condition recently. They fall asleep suddenly, sometimes for several hours at a time, and it's impossible to rouse them.I've just spoken to Riberich about it, but strangely enough, he has never come across the phenomenon himself. He does think he can help us, though. Go and ask him about his plan, and do as he asks you to.


Step 1: Chest ColdEdit

Professor Maximilio has asked you to look into the strange sickness besetting the Strongboxers.
Located at [-1,-1] (in Enurado).

Never in the history of the Enutoughs has this problem occurred before. I can see only way to learn more: we need to consult the Auracle. Outsiders aren't allowed to meet him in person, but I can arrange a meeting between you and Kamandex, the leader of his alliance. Go and meet him in the Crucible of Fortunes, in front of the head of the dragon leading up to the entrance of Fort Chune. Just tell him I sent you; he'll know what to do.

Located at [-4,-4] (in Enurado). You will lose 1 Kama.

Shhh, don't say a word! You're [Player-Name], and you're here to ask me something important. Go ahead. I already know what you're going to say, but that doesn't matter.

Tell him about your most private, personal problems.

All the men in the Krosmoz know you're a poor performer; it's hardly a secret. I would feel bad asking you to pay the nominal fee of one kama for the answer to your question, because there's not really any solution to your problem.

Tell him about your money problems.

How dare you spout such blasphemy in the presence of the Auracle's spokesman?!

Tell him that Riberich sent you.

I know that! What kind of a fool do you think I am? Stop wasting time with idiotic comments. Pay the nominal fee of one kama and the answers to all your questions will come tumbling out of my mouth.

Give him 1 kama.

The Auracle has spoken, and by my voice will express himself. Brutatax is causing the narcolepsy affecting the Strongboxers in the Dimensional Voyager's clutches. In order to talk to it, you must first awaken its conscience. To succeed in such a gargantuan task, you will need to stroke its ego and get your hands on its pouch. Only then will Brutatax answer you.


So, if what the Auracle says is true, Brutatax is responsible for this strange sickness? I don't get it. He's confined to the factory! How could he have got past me and my sharp eyes?

Find out more about Brutatax.

Brutatax is no ordinary Strongboxer. He's a prison containing the spirit of a powerful Enutrof sorceress. We were forced to lock her mind away when her use of magic for evil deeds became uncontrollable. We didn't want to run the risk of defeating her only to have her reincarnate and slip through our fingers. Brutatax was created for this very purpose. To meet him yourself, you're going to need a key.

Find out more about Riberich.

That great hamhead was forced to quit his job at the head of the Alliance of Gobbowlers after being spotted canoodling with Gorgonzoya, a young Enutrof cheesemaker who used to work in King Allister's court.


*pays you no attention whatsoever*

Try to start a conversation.

*does not react*

Gush about how beautiful it is.

*turns slowly in your direction*

Pretend to faint at its magnificence.

(An echoing female voice emerges from deep within Brutatax.) Good day, visitor with the big mouth. I have not received such a good-looking visitor for donkey's years.

Now that you've caught her attention, ask a few questions about that whole narcolepsy issue.

In this metal cage, my powers are greatly diminished. If only you had met me the way I used to be, in flesh and blood, then you really would've been impressed. I don't want to get rusty, so I spend all my time alone in here testing my powers outside the confines of this factory. Although I'm linked to this Strongboxer, I've honed my skills and now I can make any of its kind fall asleep, no matter where in Enurado they might be.

Ask why she chose Professor Maximilio's Strongboxers.

I'd already sent the Aurphanage guards to sleep, but that really exhausted me, so I was looking for more vulnerable guinea pigs to test my powers on. Those ones fit the bill perfectly.

Demand that she free the Strongboxers from her spell.

You have no right to demand anything of me. You don't even live in Enurado.


[Player-Name], do you read me? Is everything alright?

Explain the situation.

ggzz...rrrr...I've got a bad line, I can't hear you very well. Did you say that everything was going to turn out fine?

Say that you don't know what to do and that you need guidance.

zbbbrrr...You have to convince this monster brrrz... rrr...have nothing to do with what happened before. We're rrxxxx...research on the Strongboxers. You can even lie and claim that ggrrrxxx...zzxzrr... could be a way to free xxxbrbxxx... rzzzrz...

Ask if he's going through a tunnel.


*pays you no attention whatsoever*

Apologise repeatedly and insist that you're just a worthless gutter larva.

*turns slowly in your direction*

Decide to risk it and slip your hand inside Brutatax to feel for the pouches.

Despite those nimble fingers, you won't get a single kama out of me.

Mention the narcolepsy matter again.

I've already told you, I prefer to test my skills on vulnerable guinea pigs.

Sing her praises and lie that you're planning to help her get out of there.

In case you've forgotten, I was there when you spoke to your professor using that device. I'm no idiot, although I'm sure it would be endearing to watch you get tangled up in your web of lies. I'm going to agree to your request, if only to teach you that lying is always better than telling the truth.

Announce that your negotiations with Brutatax were successful.

I did wonder when I found that Persaport trying desperately to get into my pocket. I'm hugely grateful to you, not for the favour you've done me, but for the favour you've done science. In helping me, you are allowing our research to continue in leaps and bounds. Strongboxer studies are only the beginning!


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