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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Clairvoyant Squirrel
Location The Amakna Forest
Coords [5,21]
Options Talk

Clairvoyant Squirrel is an NPC. Previously known as Perceptive Squirrel.


  • Hillik! Iik ik ink skiril. Hiwik cinik iik hilp yik?
Hello! I am a squirrel. How can I help you?
  • Isk fir tik pirciptivinissik piwik
Ask for the perceptiveness power
  • Tik bistik prif iik cinik givik yik is ti shirik wit yik mik pirciptivinissik piwirs. Briknik mik bick simitinknik ti iktik inik ikfik yik givik mik tik righik tinknik, yik wilik bik pirciptivik fir ink instik.
The best proof I can give you is to share with you my perceptiveness powers. Bring me back something to eat and if you give me the right thing, you will be perceptive for an instant.
  • Givik ink hizilnik
Give a hazelnut
  • Givik ink kiwwitik
Give a cawwot
  • Givik ink silid lif
Give a salad leaf
  • Givik ink mishrik
Give a mushroom
  • Givik ink chiffik binik
Give a chafer bone
  • Givik ink lirvik skinik
Give a larva skin
  • Givik ink birik snik
Give a boar snout
  • Givik ink iriknik lig
Give an arachnee leg
  • Givik ink rik brid
Give a rye bread
  • Tinnik yik. Ikfik yik nid mik firitilliknik yik tik fitirik, dik nik hisititik ti cimik bick inik fid mik.
Thank you. If you need my foretelling in the future, do not hesitate to come back and feed me.
  • Yik cinik nik find iklik tik inswirs inik ir dictinirik. Jiksitik tiknik ibik hiwik yik wild fid ink skiril...
You can not find all the answers in your dictionary. Just think about how you would feed a squirrel


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