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Each character can undertake the Class Quest specific to their character's class.

Quest Name Class
An Api A Day Cra
I Should Be So Unlucky Ecaflip
A Ray of Sunshine (old name) Eliotrope
A Prickly Solution Eniripsa
The Chocochip Festival Enutrof
Inspection Round Feca
Creature from the Blue Lagoon (old name) Foggernaut
The Words Fly Away, the Bitter Ones Stay Huppermage
Iop and Hop Iop
Masqueraider Babali and the 40 Rogues (old name) Masqueraider
It Shouldn't Happen to a Pet Osamodas
[[]] Ouginak
Paddle in a Teapot Pandawa
Bank robbing, Rogue style (old name) Rogue
Butt Ugly Sacrier
It's Actually Very Natural Sadida
Crime and Punishment Sram
Tarot Trumps 'em All Xelor
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