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A Class Set is a set which fits a specific class.

While the set items themselves are without any stat bonuses (with the exception of the Boots, which always have +1 MP) they provide special bonuses to the relevant classes spells, such as removing the need for Line of Sight or Linear constrictions.

It should be noted that the +Damage from class set pieces acts as normal +Damage (though it only affects the relevant spells) and does not affect the spell's base damage.

Any class can actually wear another classes set pieces, though will obviously gain no bonus to their spells. All pieces of a class set will take on the colors of the character wearing them.

Lastly pieces of a class set cannot be maged.

Below is a list of the sets specific to each class.

Class Set Belt Boots Cloak Hat Ring
Cra Prince of Thieves Set Targ Belt Veggie Boots Cape Hulco Robbie Hoodie Cap Honoh Ring
Ecaflip Gutter Set Belt Sterous Sleephairs Cape of Spades Ukando Hat Blaber Ring
Eliotrope Transcendent Set Cyclone Belt Transit Boots Ortal Cloak Krosmetic Mask Nova Ring
Eniripsa Altruistic Set Blub Belt Antibooties Cape Sulitis Hat Wisholdoo Chee Ring
Enutrof Venerable Set Belt Urgid Crusuede Shoes Cape Hernaum Sthood Rememb Ring
Feca Indestructible Set Girdle Belt Relief Boots Cape Adossia Zinda Hood Memo Ring
Foggernaut Submersible Set Buoy's Belt Roboots Tanked Backpack Diving Bell End Pressure Ring
Huppermage Quadramental Set The Elebelt Initial Boots Fundamental Cape Fundamental Headdress Oringinal
Iop Reckless Set Bloody Belt Boot-a-Hoop Cloak Orporal Hat Ariutokinabot Ring Bellious
Masqueraider Moody Set Retchual Rope Notts O'Clever Clogs Bangin' Cloak Arpone Mask Mithik Bracelet
Osamodas Innumerable Set Diezzle Belt Wawka Boots Cape Anama Cool Hood Lion Ring
Ouginak Enraged Set Belting Belt Bootarkies Jusfur Wrap Helmeteo Bone Band
Pandawa Alcoholic Set Sticky Strap Geta Bernacle Cape Wuera Helmet Hicc Ear Ring
Rogue Explosive Set Glisserin Belt Doc Post-Martems Hanging Cloak Hoodwink Headgear Enig Mittens
Sacrier Bloodless Set Strap Pado Nailed Thongs Cape Ytal Cap Rayer Ring Neinwonwon
Sadida Wild Set Belt Atio Boots Hanik Cape o'Tbelly Cap Ricott Hai Ring
Sram Criminal Set Clinkin Belt Boots Hox F-Ha(r)t Hat Tsokey Elkebi Ring
Xelor Timeless Set Sleepless Belt Shal'Hal Boots Cap Cape Hatter Lily Subma Ring
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