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NPC Details
Area Ecaflipus
Collector Ikor
Location Elevation Stones
Coords [-1,-6]
Options Talk, Buy

Collector Ikor is an NPC.



Found it! Er, sorry, I was thinking out loud... I'm in charge of gathering together the stocks of Orichor before sending them to the Voyagers' Tower. Adventurers are rewarded for helping to gather theis much-needed resource.

Learn more about Orichor.

Nobody knows where this material with such extraordinary energetic properties comes from; all we know is that it's only found in the divine dimensions. The Voyagers need Orichor to power their portal generator, so in our eyes, it's a much more precious resource than gold or diamonds. When agents complete their missions correctly, they are rewarded in Orichor. Then they can go and speak to the collectors to chose their reward.

Thank him for the information and leave.
Ask if missions are the only way to get Orichor.
Sometimes you can harvest small quantities from dimensional monters, but Orichor is pretty hard to spot. Only adventurers who have completed a certain number of missions are able to detect it.


Item Name Price (Orichor)
Petrified Ecaflee Larva 1
Bytbul Eidolonic Veil 1
Jammy Jack Eidolonic Veil 1
Sucatrose Eidolonic Veil 1
Weremoggy Claw 2
Great Game Card 3
Chance Biscuit 5
Maulleycat 500


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