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NPC Details
Area Srambad
Collector Por
Location Shrouded Canals
Coords [2,2]
Options Talk, Buy

Collector Por is an NPC.



I am responsible for collecting Orichor supplies before sending them to the Voyager's tower. Any adventurers that help gather this important resource will be rewarded.

Learn more about Orichor.

Nobody knows where this unusual material with energy properties originally came from, and it can only be found in the divine dimensions. Orichor is needed to operate the portal generator. For us, it's a resource even more precious than gold or diamonds. When an agent accomplishes the missions that are given to him, he receives thanks in the form of Orichor. Then, all he has to do is go to the collectors to chose his reward.

Thank her for the information and leave.
Ask if missions are the only way to get Orichor.

It is sometimes possible to find small quantities of it on the creatures who live in these dimensions, but this orichor is hard to spot. Only adventurers who have completed a certain number of missions will be able to identify it.



Item Name Price (Orichor)
Malitiamen Insignia 1
Trechepeira Eidolonic Veil 1
Blundergus Eidolonic Veil 1
Terristocrat Eidolonic Veil 1
Necrotick Chitin 2
Dark Court Fabric 3
Skull and Crossbones 5
Homlett 500


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