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The principle of damage builds is to rely on +damage to provide most of the damage in an attack. Even for attacks with a high base damage, usually in this build +damage will outweigh them. The build focuses on applying that +damage as many times as possible in a turn, also taking advantage of any useful side-effects the attacks may provide. Inexpensive attacks (that usually have low base damage) mixed with occasional mostly-for-side-effect attacks are the norm for this type of build - a 2AP attack with very poor base damange allows the build's exceptional +damage to be applied more times than a 4AP attack with good base damage. Some attacks (weapons, spells) hit twice or more; these are also very useful for this build because the +damage is applied per hit, not per attack.


Soft caps
Characteristic 1 for 1 2 for 1 3 for 1 4 for 1 5 for 1
Wisdom 0 - ∞


In this build, base damage multipliers are not the focus for damage. With that in mind, Wisdom is the best stat on which to spend characteristic points as it speeds levelling and makes AP/MP drain effects more effective.


Percent-based damage increases from stats will not make a big difference on inexpensive spells. Stats are still worth scrolling for their non-damage effects (such as initiative and dodging) and for those small damage increases.


Key SpellsEdit

Any spell with a low cost that deals damage is worth consideration:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Leek Pie Leek Pie 1 Fire
Very low AP cost, weak Fire damage.
Frozen arrow Frozen Arrow 3 Fire
Weak Fire damage, also reduces AP.
Distant shooting Distant Shooting 9 N/A Increases your range (as well as the ranges of those around you).
Paralyzing arrow Paralyzing Arrow 26 Water
Water damage, MP theft. You do not necessarily need this if you want Lashing Arrow.
Plaguing Arrow Plaguing Arrow 42 Air
Weak Air damage; high range and does not require a line of sight!
Lashing arrow Lashing Arrow 48 Earth
Undodgeable MP reduction. You do not necessarily need this if you want Paralyzing Arrow.
Tormenting Arrow Tormenting Arrow 54 Air/Fire
Two damages types works great with +damages, however be warned: it has a very awkward range.
Bow skill Bow Skill 100 N/A Increases Damage

Flavor SpellsEdit

The following spells are used with varying degrees of frequency and emphasis.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Leek Pie Leek Pie 1 Fire
Cheap, weak Fire damage. Level with caution.
Retreat arrow Retreat Arrow 1 Air
Pushes the enemy away, as well as deals damage. Costs 4AP. Useful even at level 1.
Bat's Eye Bat's Eye 17 Water
Reduces the range of anyone within AoE, and steals some life. Its usefulness is directly related to how well you know spells (whether their ranges are adjustable).
Critical Shooting Critical Shooting 21 N/A Increases the caster's critical hit rate. Not useful until later (and preferably with agility scrolled).


Perfect +damages pieces are of course the most important part. Vitality and wisdom boosts are also helpful, when available. The Damages equipment page lists gear of all levels you might consider.

Some equipment to consider:

On BootsEdit

You will not find much in the way of +damages on boots for a long time. The first boots that are really must-haves are those in the Turko Set, which is not available until level 50. For this reason, what boots you wear are largely a matter of preference:

  • If you want an extra MP, Satisfaction Boots will give them to you with no effective penalty (since we do not care about our stats). An extra MP almost sounds like a must-have, but with Cra's range is not really the most important thing. Not to say it's not good, just that it's not the 100% best choice all the time ever-ever.
  • If you find yourself needing more Life/Vitality, there are many options, often times coupled with other small bonuses (Agility, damage%, etc).
  • A few boots provide Wisdom, though usually only in small amounts.

Take a look at the Boots page for a full list of level-sortable boots, and pick your favorite. (Any dmg char at level 50 needs Royal Gobball Boots. so save up your kamas for a pair. +70 Vit +8dmg)


See the general Leveling guide.

Don't forget to take advantage of your wide array of element options! If you don't mind fighting blops non-stop, they are quick prey, especially once you get Plaguing Arrow. But any foe with an elemental weakness will probably make for good hunting.

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