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Cra/Strength is a Strength Cra Build.

The build relies on keeping an enemy at a distance while dealing large amounts of damage to it. When forced into close combat, a Strength Cra can still prove to be a powerful opponent as they have access to the most powerful weapons.


  • Can use Neutral Weapons as well as Earth based ones.
  • Massive damage potential.
  • Map manipulation and MP control.
  • Gains large Pods bonus.
  • Good Range.


  • Awkward range on most of their main spells.
  • Punitive Arrows damage is unstable, the difference between a charged hit and an uncharged hit can cause problems.

Characteristic Points

Cra Soft Caps


Cra's Characteristics

  • Strength - A Strength Cra should raise their Strength a sufficient amount, which is normally around 250-300. This characteristic, along with increasing your pods by 5 per point, will increase your damage by 1% per point. It's clearly a good stat to put your points into, after all, it is your main stat.
  • Agility - High Agility will help a Strength Cra evade monsters, better use the damage on Retreat Arrow, and increasing the Critical Hit rate. It also helps with certain weapons conditions.
  • Intelligence - Not recommended. Fire Damage can be increased through Equipment and Sets but it can be scrolled for high Initiative.
  • Vitality - Not recommended to raise as health can easily be increased through Equipment and Sets at the later levels. If you have money, scroll it.
  • Chance - Not recommended, although Cras do have a few Chance spells.
  • Wisdom - Raise when Strength becomes too expensive to raise. If you have the money, scroll it for more EXP and for the bonus to AP/MP theft and resistance.

Raising Your Characteristics

  1. Scroll Strength and Wisdom if possible.
  2. Raise Strength to 250.
  3. Begin to put points into Wisdom or continue to put points into Strength until you feel it is no longer worth raising.


Class spells

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Dispersing Arrow.png Dispersing Arrow Exchange for Doploons N/A Ranged Push back spell with AoE.
Retreat arrow.png Retreat Arrow 1 Air.png
Air damage, pushback.
Magic arrow.png Magic Arrow 1 Fire.png
Medium Fire damage. Range steal.
Homing arrow.png Poisoned Arrow 1 Neutral.png
Neutral poison.
Frozen arrow.png Frozen Arrow 3 Fire.png
Weak Fire damage, also reduces AP.
Burning arrow.png Burning Arrow 6 Fire.png
Fire area damage in a line. Pushback.
Distant shooting.png Distant Shooting 9 N/A Increases the range of the caster and everyone nearby.
Atonement arrow.png Atonement Arrow 13 Water.png
Charged-up high Water damage at a long range. Gravity state.
Bat's Eye.png Bat's Eye 17 Water.png
Reduces range of anyone within AoE. Water life steal.
Critical Shooting.png Critical Shooting 21 N/A Increases Critical Hit rate.
Paralyzing arrow.png Paralyzing Arrow 26 Water.png
Weak Water damage, MP steal.
Punitive arrow.png Punitive Arrow 31 Earth.png
Charged-up Earth damage, medium range.
Powerful shooting.png Powerful Shooting 36 N/A Power increase of spells.
Plaguing Arrow.png Plaguing Arrow 42 Air.png
Weak Air damage, no line of sight.
Lashing arrow.png Lashing Arrow 48 Earth.png
Earth damage, dodgeable MP Reduction.
Tormenting Arrow.png Tormenting Arrow 54 Air.png/Fire.png Deals Air and Fire damage at moderate range and low cost.
Destructive arrow.png Destructive Arrow 60 Earth.png
Earth damage, reduces damage of the target.
Absorptive arrow.png Absorptive Arrow 70 Air.png
Air life steal.
Slow down arrow.png Slow Down Arrow 80 Water.png
Water area damage, AP Reduction.
Absorptive arrow.png Explosive Arrow 90 Fire.png
Fire area damage.
Bow skill.png Bow Skill 100 N/A Plus damages (not to be confused with 'Scroll: Bow Skill')
Summoning of Dopple.png Summoning of Cra Dopple 200 N/A Summons a Cra Dopple

Other Spells

  • Summoning of Chaferfu: It can be a good distraction, but dont waste too many points on this because it will try to damage you and only ever does really low damage/gets killed quickly anyway.
  • Leek Pie: Not really useful.
  • Cawwot: Could be useful, situational.

Spell Guide

(Note: Strength Cras do not gain their main attack spells until later levels, so it is not recommended to start as one. An alternative route towards becoming a Strength Cra is to start out as a Intelligence Cra, and reset using Fairy Sette's free reset at a later level.)

  • Lv. 1~11: Level Retreat Arrow to 5. You'll need to keep enemies in your range in the later levels.
  • Lv. 12~21: Level Distant Shooting to 5. The additional range gained from this spell can be helpful at almost any time.
  • Lv. 22~31: Level Punitive Arrow to 5. This spell can deal incredible damage and is one of your main damaging spells.
  • Lv. 32~41: Level Powerful Shooting to 5. Boosts damage.
  • Lv. 42~51: Level Lashing Arrow to 5. Great for MP theft with a sufficient amount of wisdom.
  • Lv. 52~61: Level Destructive Arrow to 5. Your second main damage spell, and it doesn't have an unusual casting pattern.
  • Lv. 62~71: Level Dispersing Arrow to 5. This spell is useful for getting out of tricky situations and for setting up a Punitive Arrow hit.
  • Lv. 72~81: Level Weapon Skill to 5. This spell will help you to substantially increase your weapons damage.
  • Lv. 82~91: Spare points at these levels. A few spells you may want to consider: Release, Poisoned Arrow, Critical Shooting or save your points.
  • Lv. 92~101: Level Bow Skill to 5. Great for cheap attacks and daggers.



Pets and Mounts


  • Earth Bwak: Gives a decent Strength boost and is easy to feed, though can be expensive.
  • Bow Meow: The cheap alternative to a Earth Bwak


Crimson Mount gives huge Strength and low Vitality. The cheapest option.

Crim/Plum gives nice Vitality, decent Strength, and +1 to range. A more expensive version of the Crimson.

Emerald gives a large amount of Vitality and a much needed mp.

Eme/Ginger Mount is the stronger version of the Emerald mount with an additional 100hp.


A general leveling guide can be found here.

Leveling Guide

  • Lv. 1~30: Incarnam Chafers.
  • Lv. 31~60 Piglets.
  • Lv. 55~100+ Kanigers in a group is always good, Coral Beach can be quick too.
  • Lv. 100+ there is no best place to level, any dungeon you can get a group for will give decent xp, now's the time to make friends with which you can run dungeons regularly.
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