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True death is a complicated process in the world of Dofus, for the adventurers have greater powers than regular mortals. Three levels of protection guard them from the spirit world.

Tier 1: Hit points[]

A character remains fighting in battle as long as he has some HP left. Epic levels, high Vitality and powerful equipment can make a character victorious where a lesser fighter would be wiped out.

When a character's HP reaches 0, he falls and is removed from combat.

Tier 2: Companions[]

Even when a character is no longer able to fight, he still has a chance. As long as the rest of his side of the battle triumphs, he can recover. All it takes is a single friend standing when the enemy is defeated to guarantee safety.

If all friendly characters fall, the battle is lost.

Tier 3: Energy[]

Note: This doesn't apply when characters are Challenged.

When the battle is lost, one line of defense remains. A character with sufficient Energy will expend part of it to Teleport back to the last saved Zaap or the Class Statue of his deity in Astrub if no save has been recorded.

The energy consumed is 10 per character level, 10 per alignment level, and 100 per alignment rank. Neutral characters count as alignment level 0, alignment rank 1. Being defeated when fighting a Perceptor costs an additional 3000 energy points.

When your energy points reach 0, you become a Ghost.