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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Amayiro at [-33,-56]
Level required 50
Other prerequisites Bontarian Alignment
Recommended level 50
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 203,765), 3,480 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Curses!
Repeatable No

Destiny is a quest.

Similar quests exist for other Alignments, called Rivalry for Neutrals and Fate for Brakmarians.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Talk to Amayiro at [-33,-56].


Hello, loyal member of the militia. I need your help for a very important mission.
As you must already know, what with all the time you spend at the inn when you're off duty, Frigost Island has been rediscovered after seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth in the 6th century.
I need someone to go there to find out more and I think you'd be suitable for the job. Visit the island and contact whoever's in charge there to find out exactly what happened. Once you feel you have enough information, come back and see me.
The scouts have told me that a ferry to Frigost Island makes port in Cania Bay. I've marked the spot on your map. I'm counting on you!

Step 1: The Story of an Island[edit | edit source]

Amayiro would like to know why Frigost Island has made contact with the mainland after almost a century of silence.

Ahh, it's nice to see a new face! Hello hello, I'm Captain Ardier, master of the Sanguine, the magnificent ship you can see here behind me. Isn't she beautiful? This proud galleon broke the ice of Frigost, braved the waves of the Antinau Sea and landed here in Amakna. Impressed? Of course you are, but what's even more impressive is that she's ready to set sail again and head due north to the port of Frigost. I bet you don't know anything about Frigost, do you? Why don't you come along too? You look like the adventurous sort, and throughout the journey, I'll regale you with tales of this magical island, as dangerous as a woman scorned, but full of unparalleled wealth.

Head to Frigost Island.


I'm warning you now, don't think you can come here and do whatever you want simply under the pretext of coming to help.
Me? I help my girlf... our mayor manage the day to day running of the island.
Rather than stand there looking gormless, why don't you go and speak to my fellow citizens and make yourself useful.

Ask what happened on the island so you can report back to your boss.

Oh, have you been sent by someone important? Pardon my surprise, but we've been cut off from the rest of the world for so long... I know very little about current affairs. I'll tell Cantile you're here. She'll be able to tell you what you want to know. Her office is upstairs.


Hello, and welcome to Frigost.
As I'm sure you saw on your way over here, Frigost Village isn't looking its best, but thanks to the efforts of our brave citizens, contact has been restored with the mainland.

Ask questions about the island to make a report.

So, you're working for someone powerful over on the continent. You want to know what happened here? I'll make it as simple as possible.
Count Harebourg, a powerful Xelor, betrayed us in 552 to fulfill his own desires, and the big freeze was the consequence of that. It was only in 640, after decades of effort and sacrifice, that we managed to get help from the continent.
Our archivist, Hugo Frost, will be able to give you a summary of events to pass on to your boss. Go and see him and tell him why you're here, and that you have my permission.


Keep your hands in your pockets and don't touch anything.
This is the Tower of Archives, where all of the island's original records are kept. There are books on history, geography and science, but also administrative and notarial documents, and other private matters which the general public is not allowed to see.
Access to the archives is strictly regulated. Only the mayor and her assistant can authorise visits.
If, during your stay on our island, you should come into possession of a document that you think could be stored here, do not tell anyone about it and bring it directly to me.

Explain why you're here.

The mayor okayed all this? Then I've got just the document you need. I've recorded the main events which happened on the island in it, from Count Harebourg's betrayal to the opening of a seaway to the continent, via the big freeze and the bloodthirsty madness of the inhabitants of the Snowbound Village.
I've sealed the book, so your chief can be sure of the integrity of its content.

You will receive 1 Sealed Archives.

You've brought me a document containing all the information I asked for?
Excellent work, soldier! You deserve a break and a few kamas.
Erm, are you waiting for something? I'm sorry, I can't tell you what these archives contain.
Run along and have some fun with those freshly earned kamas. Come back when you're more experienced and then maybe we can talk.

You will lose 1 Sealed Archives.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 203,765)
  • 3,480 Kamas

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

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