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Document is a Usable Item.

Documents are a collection of books found in the Dofus world, either buyable or open to the public.

Available DocumentsEdit


The books sold by Harry Stottel in the Library at (4,1):

The books sold by Dick Kerboo Brandtawa in the Library at (24,-34):

Other NPCsEdit

Books sold by other NPCs:

Oshimo at (9,21):

Musa at (1,18):

  • The Hunter's Soul
    "This book will make you know the tricks to become a good hunter."

Hel Munster at (-5,-12)(inside the house):

Wally Elconom at (4,1) as part of Lenald Legend quest:

  • Path and Trail: The Evil Forest
    "This book contains the best touristic itineraries to do in the maze of the Damned Forest. A must! At least, that's what the cover says."

Monster DropsEdit

These books are found as drops.

Gift PackagesEdit

These books are included in subscription pet packages.


The following books used to be sold by Harry Stottel

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