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Dofus Magazine has been replaced by Gamakna.

Dofus Magazine was a digital magazine which could be bought from The Great Emporium for 2,000 Ogrines each. In the mag you could find various tips & tricks on how to play Dofus, stories, guides and much more. It usually includes items which are transferred to the game.

However, the English version of the magazine only lasted for a few issues, and the French magazine (both print and digital versions) stopped publishing as of December 2014.

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The Dofus Magazine was a Dofus related magazine, published by Cranberry Publishing Interactive in conjunction with Ankama Studios.

While Ankama have released other magazines relating to Dofus before, it was the first one in English. Its first issue was released on the 1st of April 2011.

Pre ordering a subscription also gave players various items and rewards in-game (you can still pre-order and buy french magazines and you will get the rewards).


For 1 year, the pet Mini Wa, the Black Wab Set and a Chameleon Dragoturkey.

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