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Dofus Universal Time (Also known as DUT) is a system of standardised time for the players of Dofus. It helps assist players in knowing when events, pet feedings, and quests (among other things) can be advanced.

Dofus Universal Time is synchronized with GMT +1, and works on a 24 hour clock. It is the same as the time in Paris all year round, meaning that when France goes into Daylight Saving Time, DUT advances by an hour too. There is often a day or two delay in the time change, it does not seem to be switched automatically.

Dofus Universal Time is displayed in a variety of places. You can check the time by trying the following actions:

  • Looking at the top of this page. (It doesn't always update, so clicking the manual update is useful)
  • Typing "/time" Command in the game's chat.
  • By clicking on some of the clock sprites located through out the game. Such as in the Key Masters home at [-6,-40].

Dofus Universal Time is also useful when feeding your pets:

  • Example: A Bow Meow indicates "Last fed: 03/27/637 16:00". The earliest you could feed your Bow Meow would be at 03/27/637 21:00.

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