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Dopples are a kind of monster found in the Dopple Village. Dopples are modeled after Training Dopples and usually have 4 class spells. All of the dopples drop Dopple Stones.

Dopple Class Spells Note
Aboub Osamodas Animal Blessing, Summoning of Prespic, Summoning of Boar, Summoning of Tofu Has big horns on head.
Name is Bouba backwards, from the manga Bouba (Seaton dôbutsuki).
Amlub Feca Spell Rebound, Aqueous Armour, Cloudy Attack, Bubble Has feca hair
Name is Bulma backwards, from Dragon Ball.
Codem Eniripsa Stimulating Word, Word of Thorn, Healing Word, Wounding Word, Word of Youth Has insect wings.
Name is Medoc backwards, this is slang for Medicine in French.
Gink Sadida Sylvan Power, Knowledge of Dolls, The Sacrificial Doll, The Block, Tear Overuses Sylvan Power.
Name is King rearranged.
Kirevam Ecaflip Repercussion, All or Nothing, Heads or Tails, Topkaj Has cat ears.
Name is Maverik backwards.
Let Emoliug Cra Bow Skill, Homing Arrow, Destructive Arrow, Frozen Arrow Has ponytail.
Name is Guilome Tel (Guillaume Tell) backwards, french for William Tell.
Osurc Enutrof Coins Throwing, Slaughtering Shovel Wears hat.
Name is Cruso backwards, probably from Robinson Crusoe.
Nebgib Xelor Homing Hand, Clock, Slow Down, Mummification Wears pointed hat.
Name is Big Ben backwards.
Nipul Sram Invisibility, Con, Tricky Blow Has rib pattern on shirt.
Name is Lupin backwards, from Arsène Lupin, a fictional French thief.
Susej Iop Vitality, Blow, Celestial Sword, Pressure Has a orange hair, has cross on chest.
Name is Jesus backwards.
Yadrutas Sacrier Absorption, Assault, Cooperation, Dopple Attraction, Evasion, Flying Sword, Punishment Wears a headband.
Name is Saturday backwards.
Dark Vlad Dopple Dark Vlad Sword of Iop, Divine Sword, Pressure Lv. 120 = 5000 hp; 9AP, 7MP; 50% neutral, -20% earth, 40% fire, -20% water, 40% air; 70% AP, 55% MP


  • Dopple comes from Doppelganger, which means a double.
  • The Dopples and their spells are based on the original incarnations of the first 11 classes available in Dofus. (Before Pandawas were introduced)
    • Dopple spells were not updated as the classes changed.