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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

NPC Details
Area Amakna
Doro L. Blak (NPC)
Location The Temple of Xelor
Coords [3,1]
Options Talk, Resurrect a pet

Doro L. Blak (NPC) is an NPC.



Hey ho adventurer! Don't come too close, I'm evil, me.


Whenever I sneeze, time seems to take a turn for the worse. Rude people claim it's because I once tripped over that brown rug there and accidentally spilled Ouassingue Juice on the hands of Xelor's Clock, but it's not that - I'm just allergic to pollen. I'm doing my best to look after myself, but how am I suppposed to stop myself from ever sneezing again?
To make up for all the trouble, I often hand out sweets to the long-suffering inhabitants of Amakna.
They seem to do the trick, and I'm pretty proud of myself because at the moment, everything seems to be OK.
*Rolls her eyes and sniffles noisily*
Oh no, oh...

What's going on?

My nose is so itchy. You wouldn't have a flower on you, would you? It smells of Bloomus!
Oh... that means you've had your time flipped... I'm very sorry.
Would you like a sweet... some Eniripsa powder, perhaps? For your pets..? Have any of your pets died lately? Well, I can bring them back to life with one simple sneeze! Easy come, easy go.
Choose wisely, though. I can't do everything at once!

Resurrect a petEdit

You can resurrect a pet at this NPC by choosing 'Resurrect a pet' and exchanging the Pet Ghost and 1 Resurrection Powder. You will receive the pet with all its stats but with 1 HP.