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NPC Details
Area Incarnam
Dr. Seezme
Location Fields
Coords [-1,-6]
Options Talk

Dr. Seezme is an NPC.

Formerly known as Dr Seezme.



I can see everything that happens in the Incarnam sky from here, and even beyond! My astromagical telescope can see as far as the World of Twelve.

Ask if you can have a look.

Place yourself in front of the eyepiece and make a choice!

Move towards the telescope.
  • Look towards Moon Island
  • Look towards Nolifis Island
  • Look toward Sufokia
  • Look toward Astrub


Features in


  • Seezme is a pun on Sees Me, Dr. Seezme is supposed to see you through his telescope.
  • Dr Seezme (without the period) used to be a Xelor.