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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Dwoc Stubbyob
Location Icefields
Coords [-84,-48]
Details Only appears while doing the related quest.
Options Talk

Dwoc Stubbyob is an NPC.



These are quite interesting... I didn't think Twelvians were so resourceful.

Say that you're here to collect skis.

Oh, you mean those long, narrow planks, slightly curved at the end, which allow you to slide across the snow?


Well, I don't have any myself, but if I come across someone who uses them, I'll be sure to let you know. Goobye!

Notice ski prints in the snow and insist.

...Oh, look, there's a Pingwin behind you! *kicks his mount with his heel a few times to get away*

Do not fall for the trap, and grab onto the animal's fleece.

He dissapears after you defeat him.


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