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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Eere Woan
Location Astrub City
Coords [4,-15]
Options Talk

Eere Woan is an NPC.



*mumbles* May the god Iop give you vitaly, may your sword squeal and be sharp, may your arm be long with Compulsion

Ask what he's doing
I pray... We've been made in the image of gods who created us, and we should always listen to them... To understand that, I had to lose a bit of my ear, but I came round in the end.
Each being that treads this wordly stage should take time to find his god, and go to the right temple to honour the celestial master.
Where is my god's temple?
Look for it and you'll find it! The temples are all in province of Amakna, and those of your race will give you the information you need.
How did you lose a part of your ear?
A silly story... We were with some Sram mercenaries and a Moowolf trap closed down on us at wrong time. I lost half of my ear, but I'm alright. But the brother Kouy... he wasn't so lucky.
End dialogue.


Word play on "One Ear"

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